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Richard M. Price

25 March 1933 -- 2 October 2011



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ASA publishes the ASA Newsletter, the international journal in the NBC Defense field read in more than 121 countries.  For more information, see what's New This Issue.

In 1994 ASA initiated, organized, and coordinated the series of international meetings called the Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia (CBMTS).   This series of meetings focuses on medical treatment for poisonings from chemical and biological agents, agrichemicals, pesticides and industrial chemicals.

Applied Science and Analysis, ASA Inc., an international organization, was established in 1983 to specialize in chemical, biological and radiological (CBR or NBC) warfare and terrorism defense and protection issues worldwide. From 1983 to the present, ASA's concentration of capabilities has continuously expanded. Today we offer across the board expertise in:

  • chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) warfare and terrorism defense
  • equipment
  • management
  • public health risk assessment
  • chemical fate and behavior
  • environmental management

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