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CBMTS Industry III

The marina in Dubrovnik.

Looking down a main street in the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik,
where automobiles are not permitted.

Nina Dumancic and Zvonko Orehovec on the wall that surrounds Dubrovnik.

At Marshall Tito's.
L-R: Dave Trudil, Shahriar Khateri, Tony Tu, Dina Goloshchapova

Wow! Dave and Linda Robinson and the one that did not get away.

L-R: Bernhard Brunner, Sergey Netesov, Tomica Sabolic

L-R: Richard Price, Barbara Price, Joe Hughart, John Woodall, (unknown guest),
Zvonko Orehovec, Slavko Bokan, Nina Dumancic

Symposium Dinner.
Richard Price recieves a hand carved statue from Doug Eaton of SAS/Vanguard.

TRADEWAYS was there as well.
L-R: Chris Downward, Frank Gorsky, Judy Harvey

Come and join us.
All enjoy Dubrovnik!

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