CBMTS-Industry I Proceedings
Zagreb and Dubovnik, Croatia
25-30 October 1998

The Proceedings of the fifth CBMTS meeting, 25-30 October 1998, are now being distributed via air mail to all CBMTS-Industry I participants. The Proceedings, approximately 400 pages with hard cover, include as a bonus, two CDs. The first bonus CD includes all information in the hard copy of the Proceedings. The second bonus CD includes the video of the Kutina Exercise plus the special and very important demonstrations provided by Crosco of Croatia and Irvin Aerospace of Canada.

The Kutina Exercise in itself should be mandatory viewing for all Crisis Management, Emergency Management, and Civil Protection organizations worldwide. A massive disaster from a CBW attack, an industrial meltdown, a CB terrorist incident or a natural disaster requires immediate, coordinated actions from every echelon from First Responder to National Level Authorities. This CD video provides food for thought on what must happen in crisis management, based on what actually happened at the Kutina petrochemical complex during repeated incidents covering the period from 1992 through 1995. Added to this video is the CBMTS-Industry I demonstrations of a purpose-set oil well fire and the immediate defusing of a terrorist CB incident. Both incidents and the immediate actions to defuse are also excellent training aids for Crisis Management, Emergency Management and Civil Protection organizations and individuals worldwide. The OPCW in the Hague have reviewed the video of the exercise and believe the video will provide invaluable training for students within this complex area.

Additional copies of the Proceedings for participants or copies for individuals/organizations, who were not participants, is US $100.00. Price includes the Proceedings, bonus CDs, handling, and air mail postage.

For all Emergency Management, Crisis Management, and Civil Protection organizations and/or other interested organizations or individuals, CBMTS-Industry I will provide a videotape of the Kutina Exercise and the Crosco and Irvin demonstrations. The tape plus handling and distribution via airmail, is at cost of US $40.00. These videos will only be supplied to individuals and organizations that are the original recipients or additional buyers of the CBMTS-Industry I Proceedings.

For additional information or to buy the Proceedings which include the bonus CDs ($100.) and the Video ($40.), please send check, charge card data (AmEx, Visa, MC, EuroCard), or government purchase order to ASA (CBMTS-Industry I), PO Box 17533, Portland, Maine 04112-8533 and tel: 1-207-829-6376 and fax: 1-207 829-3040 and e-mail: asa@maine.rr.com. For information only: CBMTS-Industry I, attn: Lt Col Zvonko Orehovec or Major Slavko Bokan, CBMTS-Industry I, MOD, Dept. of NBC Defense, Ilica 256 b, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA or tel: 385-1-455-1513 and fax: 385-1-461-3300 and email: cbmts_hr@zvonimir.morh.tel.hr.

Upon receipt of payment at ASA, shipment via airmail will be immediately initiated by the CBMTS-Industry I team in Zagreb.

The Deputy Minister of Defense, Republic of Croatia, Lt. Gen. Kresimir Cosic, Prof. Dr., presents ASA's Richard Price the proof copy of CBMTS-Industry I Proceedings during ASA's visit on 28 September 1999. Looking on, (l&r) Major Ivan Jukic, Head NBC Lab and Lt. Col. Zvonko Orehovec, Head NBC Croatia - organizers of the very successful CBMTS-Industry I.

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