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List of Abstracts, Sessions and Authors for World Congress on Chemical and Biological Terrorism


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Canada Knowlton Chris 1 Environmental Site Investigation in Croatia and the Conception of the Environmental and Industrial Health Hazard Risk Framework for Deployed Canadian Forces C 2
Australia Penrose Warwick 2 Sydney, Perspectives on Preparations CBT Events A 3
Belgium Pauwels Dirk 3 CB Terrorism Defence In Belgium : How And Why A 3
Croatia Sinovcevic Renata 4 Hazardous Waste Management Technical Systems As The Environmental Emergency Responding Systems Of Croatia D 2
Brazil Santana Gui 5 Towards Effective Crisis Communication: An Analysis of Management Inhibitors and Facilitators C 5
Bulgaria Dishovski Christofer 6 Analysis of the HI-6 Influence on the Liver Metabolizing Enzime Systems C 3
Brazil Santana Gui 7 Chemical and Biological Terrorism: A Brazilian Perspective A 3
Canada Eaton Doug 8 Chem/Bio Terrorism Preparedness: Current Technologies and Application A 4
Canada Harwood Colin 9 Generic Protocol for Decisions Regarding Packages Possibly Containing a Chemical or Biological Agent A 4
Croatia Peric D. 10 Blood Borne Pathogen Microbes And Bioterrorism D 2
Croatia Cizmek Ankica 11 CB- protection: Different materials as ecological filters C 1
Yugoslavia Slavica Vucinic 12 The Role Of National Poison Control Centre In Organisation And Management Of Mass Ammonia Accident C 1
Croatia Blanusa Maja 13 Meso- and racemic-DMSA as antidotes in heavy metal poisoning D 2
Croatia Bokan Slavko 14 Evaluation Of Nipah Virus As A Human And Animal Biological Terrorism And Warfare Agent B 2
Croatia Palinkas Ladislav 15 Contamination Of An Environment As Possible CB Terrorism A 4
Croatia Kinder Ivica 16 International Aspects Of Terrorism With A Special Emphasis On Chemical Terrorism A 4
Croatia Orehovac Zvonko 17 Assistance and Protection under the CWC A 2
Croatia Cizmek Ankica 18 Simulation modeling of ecological appearance D 1
Croatia Simeon-Rudolf Vera 19 Biochemical Studies on Oximes Synthesized in Croatia over the Past Decades. C 3
Croatia Kanazir Valburga 20 Implementation Of The Convention On Transboundary Effects Of Industrial Accidents In The Republic Of Croatia C 6
Croatia Furic Kresimir 21 Artificial Cobweb: Chemical and Physical Analysis C 2
Croatia Molak Branimir 22 Emergency Management Experience in Croatia A 3
Croatia Molak Branimir 23 Hazard Materials Emergency Experience in Croatia D 1
Czech Matousek Jiri 24 Possibilities of Detection and Early Warning in Case of Terrorist Chemical Attacks in Subways B 1
Czech Matousek Jiri 25 Personal Protection of Decontamination and Rescue Teams Engaged Following Terrorist Chemical and Biological Strikes D 1
Czech Matousek Jiri 26 Role of International Organizations in Combating Terrorism D 2
Czech Mika Otakar 27 The New Integrated Rescue System in the Czech Republic A 3
Czech Bajgar Jiri 28 The Treatment Of Intoxication With Selected Organophosphates And A Carbamate: Comparison Of Different Therapeutic Approaches C 3
Croatia Talapko Josip 29 Prion - new answer or the Old Riddle D 2
Croatia Turk Rajka 30 Role Of Poison Information Centre In The Prevention And Management Of Chemical Accidents D 2
Croatia Vuinac Tonci 31 Agressive Atropinization And Prolonged Administration Of Oximes In The Treatment Of Severe Poisoning With Organophosphorous Compounds D 2
Germany Petroianu Georg 32 High Dose Pralidoxime (PRX) Treatment Prolongs Time To Extubation (TTE) And Increases Mortality In Paraoxon (POX) Exposed Minipigs C 4
USA Hall Alan 33 In vitro decontamination of cobalt-60 exposed pigs eyes with Diphoterine(R) vs. water C 3
Czech Mika Otakar 34 Overview of the Czech NBC Equipment D 1
Croatia Matika Dario 35 Undersea Detection of Chemical Weapons and Mines D 2
Czech Mika Otakar 36 Czech Chemical Units for Fast and Reliable Intervention D 1
Iran Ghanei Mostafa 37 Late Haematologic Complications of Mustard Gas D 2
Iran Ghanei Mostafa 38 Late Pulmonary Complications of Mustard Gas Inhalation C 4
Iran Haghighi Loti 39 Emerging Infections and Bioterrorism B 2
Yugoslavia Antonijevic Biljana 40 Antidotal efficacy and pharmacokinetics of pyridinium oximes in mice poisoned with soman and paraoxon C 3
Russia Petrov Vadim 41 Antiterrorism training course in Udmurtia to provide safety during the works with chemical weapons C 6
Croatia Plavsic Franjo 42 Liquified, Toxic And Corrosive Gases In Haevily Populated Areas B 1
Croatia Vucemilovic Ante 43 The Zeolites As Skin Decontaminants Against Nerve Agent Sarin In Vivo D 2
Croatia Halle Ivana 44 An Integrated Approach To Sound Management Of Certain ("Multipurpose") Chemicals And Dual-Use Materials In Croatia D 2
Kenya Mathenge Virginia 45 Proposed Measures to Reduce Human Suffering after Terrorist’s Attack. A Lesson from the 1998 Bomb Blast of the American Embassy Building in Nairobi, Kenya. C 2
Macedonia Taleski Vaso 46 Rapid - PCR (LightCycler) in Diagnosis of Biological Agents B 3
Burkina Faso Bary Abdouraman 47 Analysis of CWC-related compounds in a rubber sample C 2
Pakistan Khan Liaquat 48 Changing Face of Global Terrorism A 2
Croatia Bokan Slavko 49 Evaluation Of Animal And Plant Pathogens As Terrorism And Warfare Agents, Vectors And Pests D 1
Romania Mircioiu Constantine 50 Sources of Chemical Toxics and their Precursors in the Pharmaceutical Industry B 1
Romania Miron Dalia Simona 51 Pyridostigmine as Preventive Antidote in Pesticides Research and Production Units C 4
Yugoslavia Jovanovic Djordje 52 Biochemical Effects Of Topical Application And Decontamination Of T-2 Toxin In Rats D 2
Romania Paul Florin 53 Treatment Approach In Biological Crisis: An Epidemiological And Ethical Point Of View A 2
Yugoslavia Lako Branislav 54 The first Epidemic of Tularemia in FR Yugoslavia D 1
Croatia Gotovac P. 55 Emerging Infections, Transition And Bioterrorism D 2
Russia Petrov Vadim 56 Technical Aspects of Realization of the New Chemical Disarmament Concept in Russia D 1
Russia Ryabchikova Elena 57 Mechanisms of Poxvirus Virulence and Pathogenicity: Review of Current Data B 2
Croatia Sugnetic Tomo 58 The Croatian Population And Responsibilities For Medical Protection C 6
Russia Makhaeva G 59 Blood Neuropathy Target Esterase (NTE) As Biochemical Marker For Neuropathic Organophosphates (OP) Exposure B 1
Russia Malygin V 60 O-alkyl-O-methylchlorformiminophenyl Phosphonates Delayed Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment: In Vitro And In Vivo Studies. B 1
Croatia Sugnetic Tomo 61 Globalization Of The Infectious Diseases And Croatian Civil Defense D 1
Russia Netesov Sergey 62 The Need For Creation Of The International Center In Novosibirsk, Russia For Combatting Infectious Diseases And Bioterrorism Threat In Asia B 2
Singapore Ang Kiam Wee 63 Protection Factors Of First Responders' Garment D 1
Croatia Brigljevic Zvonko 64 Counterterrorism, Security And Stability Improvement - Croatian Experience For The New Beginning C 6
Croatia Tecicz Zdravka 65 Terrorism And Communication With The Public D 1
Croatia Valkovic Vladivoj 66 Detection Systems for Illicit Trafficking in Weapons and Terrorist Agents C 1
Hungary Kozari Laszlo 67 System of Hungarian System Management A 3
South Africa Erasmus Cornelis 68 South African Military Health Service Involvement During Outbreak Of Cholera In Kwazulu-Natal B 3
Croatia Subasic Damir 69 Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal In Croatia C 5
Sweden Kristensson Per-Čke 70 Swedish Chemical Support Team For The OPCW: A Survey Of The Offer According To Article X In The CWC A 2
Croatia Hadzija Mirko 71 Artificial Cobweb: Managing Chemical and Biological Agents B 2
USA Sizemore Tom 72 Visual Purple, The Next Generation Crisis Management Decision Training Tool C 5
USA Webber June 73 Terrorism Events and Cardiac Rehab: Implications D 2
Switzerland Anet Bernard 74 And What About Nuclear And Radiological Terrorism? A 1
Turkey Ozyurt Gurayten 75 Cooperation between Poison Control Center and Organized Industrial District for Chemical Disaster Prevention C 1
USA Vigus Richard 76 The New Global Standard: Wmd Community Preparedness A 3
USA Vigus Richard 77 Improving Local and State Agency Response to Terrorist Incidents Involving Biological Weapons: Interim Planning Guide C 6
UK LeChene Evelyn 78 Analysing the Terrorist Threat A 4
Ukraine Chernyak V. 79 New Advanced Oxidation Technologies For Destruction Of Toxic Chemicals And Biological Agents In Water C 4
Croatia Friscic Josip 80 How to Achieve Better Protection from Chemical Terrorism Using Preventive Activities A 4
USA Bice Stephen 81 Description of the U.S. National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program C 5
USA Bice Stephen 82 The U.S. National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program "Buying is the Easy Part" C 5
USA Vigus Richard 83 The Improved Response Program C 6
USA Bright Randy 84 Rapid On-Site Biological Detection for First Responders B 3
USA Stopa Peter 85 Detection of Unknown Biological Materials B 3
USA Debell Robert 86 Particle Size and Organism Number: Impact on Bioaerosols B 3
USA Deitchman Scott 87 Protecting First Responders To Acts Of Terrorism C 1
USA Eifried Gary 88 Psychological Effects of CB Terrorism: Lessons from the Past B 3
USA Jennings Michelle 89 Consequence Management- A Dual Approach A 2
USA Gum Robert 90 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Oversight Program C 1
USA Snitch Thomas 91 Responding to a Terrorist Initiated Toxic Chemical Release: Protecting High Value Facilities and Very Vulnerable Populations A 2
USA Hughart Joesph 92 Industrial Chemicals as Weapons of Mass Destruction A 4
USA Joe Paul 93 CDC Public Health Oversight Of Chemical Weapons Disposal D 1
USA Robbins Michael 94 The U.S. National Pharmaceutical Stockpile: Contents and Applications C 5
USA Morales M. 95 Development And Implementation Of Civil Support Teams For Weapons Of Mass Destruction B 1
USA McGeorge Jack 96 An Analysis of 404 Non-military Incidents Involving either Chemical or Biological Agents A 1
USA McGeorge Jack 97 Weaponization and Delivery of Chem and Bio Agents: from a terrorism perspective A 4
Iran Khateri Shahriar 98 Statistical Views On Late Complication Of Chemical Weapons In Iranian C.W Victims of Iran - Iraq War D 3


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