The twelfth meeting in the CBMTS series:

CBMTS-Industry IV

The Third World Congress on
Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism

Dubrovnik, Croatia
18 through 23 September 2005
with a Pre-Congress Workshop & Round table on Non-Proliferation, and Lessons Learned with the Tsunami
17-18 September 2005

Excelsior Hotel, Dubrovnik.
The CBMTS-Industry IV, “Third World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism”, in coordination with the Croatian Ministry of Defense (CMOD) and the Croatian Organizing Committee, and under the auspices of the Government of Croatia, is very pleased to present this fourth meeting in the CBMTS-Industry series in Dubrovnik. This meeting, which provides a specific focus on the topics of industry and chemical, biological, radiological (CBR) terrorism and anti-terrorism matters, is the 12th meeting in the CBMTS series. Very importantly we will also have special focus areas to consider Non-proliferation matters and how best to understand and take actions to minimize and lessons learned with the tsunami. We will do better.

We should note that the CBMTS – Industry series of meetings emphasize the threats posed by and the mitigations offered by the misuse of industrial materials (chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals), whether by accident or intent by terrorists or states. The CBMTS Plenary series at Spiez Laboratory is the venue to address the basic science issues.

The WMD proliferation workshop will especially address the dual use materials, i.e., those industrial chemicals, biologicals and radiologicals that are produced or used in normal industries but are toxic or harmful enough to cause problems if they are released by terrorists or accidents or natural disasters.

The CBMTS-Industry series were the first international meetings on the science and medicine of WMD protection to include industrial facilities as a military target and a terrorist threat. These meetings were also the first to highlight the many industrial chemicals that are not covered by treaty, laws or regulation. The term “Chemical and Biological Warfare without Chemical or Biological Weapons” came from a paper presented by the CMOD’s Col. Zvonko Orehovec and Dr. Slavko Bokan at the second meeting of the CBMTS in Spiez, Switzerland in 1996. This paper provided the world the first awareness of the role industry has in the protection considerations for community, country and region. This included recognition that industrial catastrophes could have as many, if not more, casualties than an actual chemical and biological warfare event. From this paper eventually emerged many terms that are very widely accepted today such as Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMS).

This symposium will explore the scientific, medical and policy aspects as well as the effects of terrorism on the community and the individual and on each layer of infrastructure to include each echelon of government. We will build on the base of knowledge established during the first two ‘World Congress on CBR Terrorism’ beginning with the very prophetic First World Congress on “CBR Terrorism” in Dubrovnik from 21-27 April 2001.

In that meeting we were provided information from those professionals charged with the task of responding immediately to crisis conditions. Four and a half months later “9/11” occurred and their planning and training were put to the ultimate test. Their experiences definitely proved the rationale for detailed planning and training and how this would lead to very successful execution. Another very recent example was the SISPAT/CBMTS meeting in Singapore where the workshop was again centered on planning for emergencies and pharmaceutical stockpiles and how teaming together could greatly assist and expedite life saving actions. And within a few days after the conclusion of this meeting - the tsunami occurred. How vivid are the memories of what we learned at SISPAT/CBMTS and how these lessons might help us to respond in the future. Many of these same leaders who provided this information at both meetings will once again be with us for CBMTS-Industry IV “The Third World Congress on CBR Terrorism” in Dubrovnik.

Note: This Third World Congress is planning a very important pre-Congress Workshop with Roundtable discussions on 17/18 September 2005, which will be open to all Congress participants. The workshop/discussions will cover the areas of nonproliferation and the tsunami lessons learned, especially for the medical and emergency response professionals. This should be a ‘must participate’ for all. Additional details are sent via the CBMTS e-mail network.

A. Venue:
The “CBMTS-Industry IV” will take place at the five star Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik. This hotel, which sits on the Adriatic and looks down on the beautiful, historic old town, is a five minute walk to the gates of that famous fortress city.

Both are views of the Adriatic from the Excelsior Hotel.
On the left is the view looking south (note the Hotel Excelsior sign).
On the right is the view from the Hotel Excelsior looking north to the walled city of Dubrovnik.

The exhibition area for CBMTS Industry IV, the piano bar area of the Excelsior Hotel

As George Bernard Shaw wrote “Those who seek paradise on earth should come to see Dubrovnik.”

The bay on the Adriatic, part of Tito’s former villa, which will be the scene for CBMTS Industry IV’s demonstration and exercise

B. Pre-registration and information:
Please forward at the earliest time to ASA and to Croatia, your pre-registration information to include name; organization, tel/fax and e-mail numbers, proposed paper title. The data requested are also on the CBMTS-Industry IV Registration Form.

C. Registration Forms:
Registration forms are to be completed/returned by mail or website before 31 May 2005. Payment of fees by credit card (MC, VISA, Amex, Diners) is acceptable. Participation as well as hotel reservations are prioritized by date of receipt of registration form. Registration and Hotel fees are available at Item O in this listing. The Registration Form is available on the web.

•• Registration fees include Welcome/Get Together Party, special Congress Dinner, a separate very Special Dinner or Lunch (to be determined), Program and Proceedings, Special tours and events, Coffee breaks and Lunches for five days, Congress bag and supplies.

D. Who Should Attend?
Industry, government and academic professionals in science, medicine and policy; medical, public health and medical research professionals including primary care physicians, practitioners and veterinarians; local, regional and national laboratory representatives; first responders and HAZMAT specialists including emergency, crisis management and mitigation, and civil defense personnel; industry leaders to include scientists and engineers; and specialists in computer risk modeling and planning, training and local community interface and communications.

E. Requirements for Attendance:
Participation is based primarily on abstract/paper acceptance and/or geographical representation. All participants are urged to submit a paper. After abstract acceptance by CBMTS International Science Review Committee, a ‘Letter of Invitation’ will be sent. Note: Because of the importance of the subject area to all countries, CBMTS-Industry IV may consider accepting applicants who wish to attend without a paper. Of high importance for the Congress would be those individuals who are active in the prevention of terrorism in their own countries or at regional or international levels. With space available, these individuals would be invited to join and participate in this meeting.

F. Call for papers/topic and theme areas:
Papers should cover any one or a combination of the listed baskets of topic areas as well as areas not listed. For ‘non-listed’ areas, the author will show how the subject does fit with the theme of the Congress. Please consider the theoretical as well as the practical in problem definition and preparation and response.

The importance of individual country measures as well as local, national, regional, and international preparation and response will be of high interest to all professionals attending this “Third World Congress on CBR Terrorism”. An item of the highest importance is to be able to distinguish between attacks from another state and a terrorist attack, and between real and alleged terrorist attacks.

G. Abstract Submission:
Abstracts on above Topic Areas will be 250 words or less and presented in the following mandatory format via e-mail to ASA for the Science Review Committee:
Due to difficulties with previous submissions, all abstracts are to be sent in TEXT ONLY!
a. Title (14 point Times New Roman, left justified, all caps)
b. Presenting author and organization, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail (Initial cap, bold, left justified, 12 point Times New Roman); other authors and organizations (same as above)
c. Body of Abstract: No tables, figures or references are to be used in abstract, and, a maximum of five keywords.

Please send Abstract to: and info to: and . Please put on subject line in the e-mail: CBMTS-IND IV Abstract

H. The following are the Topic areas.
(Please note: The subject areas, as listed, are not final and will be adjusted or changed as warranted by your considerations and comments. We need your input and would urge all prospective CBMTS participants to again think outside of the box - and think the unthinkable.)

The Workshop and Roundtable discussions on Non-Proliferation and Lessons Learned in Emergency Response from the Tsunami.
17/18 September 2005

The intent of this pre-meeting is information transfer with presentations and discussions in a roundtable format rather than a pure workshop format. We will have a Non-proliferation Sector with sessions planned on Policy, Scientific and Technical Realities, and Industrial and Environmental Security and a very timely and important Sector on lessons learned with the tsunami and mass casualty management presented by the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).

In preparing for this special meeting please consider what is policy and what is reality in nonproliferation. Can we better organize, unify and concentrate our national and international capabilities/capacities? How best to minimize and/or eliminate duplication of effort? Dual use materials - can we have a successful program? Lessons learned.

For those professionals that were directly or indirectly involved in the tsunami relief, we request that you consider sharing those experiences with the rest of us. This special Sector on Lessons Learned from the tsunami disaster is a must for all emergency response and medical professionals.

Some discussions areas for your consideration and possible presentations might include:
• international policy and law, treaties and agreements towards CBRNE; aviation, port and border security. What works and what does not.
• scientific and technical realities and the definitions of WMD and terrorism; dual use of CBR materials; practical levels of non-proliferation policy
• industrial and environmental security of insurance, pharmaceutical, chemical and other technical industries; liability issues

The CBMTS-INDUSTRY IV symposium:
18-23 September 2005

• Hazard and Consequence Management and Communications
          •• Medical countermeasures, pharmaceuticals, vaccines
          •• Detection and communications
          •• Internal and local hazard evaluation
          •• Integration of available resources
          •• Hazard modeling and management
          •• Emergency response
          •• Mass casualty management
          •• Prioritizing hazardous industries

• CBRNE Terrorism; Tactics, Methods, Targets
          •• Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Agricultural
          •• Vulnerability, prioritization
          •• Threat - immediate to long term

• Emerging Threats
          •• Emerging diseases; zoonotic diseases
          •• New chemicals
          •• Biotechnology
          •• Food and water security and water protection
          •• Crop and livestock protection

• Exercise to include equipment, material and institutional displays. This Sector is open to all sponsors. If you would like to have a display and/or be integrated into a comprehensive exercise - please contact the CBMTS-Industry IV Co-directors Col. Zvonko Orehovec and/or Col. Richard Price.

• Additional sectors/sessions added for consideration.
          •• Emergency Operations Centers, Coordination Centers
          •• Basic Research: e.g. new methods for detecting OP compounds in blood, urine and environment; new results on the mechanism of interaction of OP with esterases, and similar topics on other chemical and biological agents.

I. Important Dates:
• As soon as possible. Pre-registration (see para. E.)
• Before 1 June 2005 - early registration (see para L.)
          •• See refund policy at para. L.
• After 31 May - registration with increased fees
• 7 May. Final Completed Abstract Submission date (see para F.)
• 17/18 September: Pre-Congress Workshop
• 18 September. CBMTS-Industry IV - World Congress III. (Registration and Welcome Party)

J. Important Numbers:
• For the ASA CBMTS-Industry IV team:
          •• tel: 1-410-638-9480 and fax: 1-410-638-9481
          •• e-mail:
          •• web address: and for CBMTS-Industry IV “Third World Congress” information:

• For the Croatian CBMTS-Industry IV team:
          •• tel: 385-1-455-1513 and fax: 385-1-378-6700
          ••e-mail: and
          •• web address: will be supplied

(any changes to the above important numbers will be supplied via the ASA/CBMTS e-mail network.)

Note for all: On all message traffic, please include both the ASA and Croatian e-mail and/or fax addresses and very important: put term “CBMTS-IND IV” in Subject line.

K. The CBMTS-Industry IV E-mail Network.
For all prospective participants who would like update information on this CBMTS-Industry IV meeting, please forward your preferred e-mail address for entry into the CBMTS Update network. Send your e-mail address to: To expedite messages, put “CBMTS-Industry IV” in subject line.

L. The CBMTS-Industry IV Web-Sites.
General information, sector, topic and theme areas, pre-registration and registration forms, and abstract/paper submission information, are at this ASA web site.

The Croatian CBMTS-Industry IV support team’s web- site: will include general information on the Industry IV meeting as well as specific information on Dubrovnik and Excelsior Hotel, and other important conference related data. These data will include visa information, customs data for import of material, information on Croatian Airlines and schedules to/from Dubrovnik. Web site location will be provided in the next ASA Newsletter, as well as by the CBMTS-Industry IV e-mail network, and links from ASA’s website. (CBMTS-Industry IV)

M. Host:
The CBMTS-Industry IV “Third World Congress on CBR Terrorism” will be hosted by the Government of Croatia and the Ministry of Defense and several Croatian ministries, including the Foreign Affairs, Health, Science and Technology, Industry, and Tourism.

Col. Zvonko Orehovec and Major Dr. Slavko Bokan M.D. and the Croatian Organizing Committee will provide the operational, planning, and administrative support that is crucial to the success of Industry IV.

N. Registration/Hotel Fees:
Individual Registration Fees:

Fees in Euros (€)
Before 1 June
€ 685
€ 760
After 31 May
€ 785
€ 860

• The above price includes transportation to and from the Dubrovnik Airport as well as most meals, the Symposium Dinner and several special events as arranged by Atlas.

CBMTS requires Hotel Deposit € 100. or payment of Registration Fee. If registration fee is paid, your hotel deposit is assured. If there is a no show, the hotel deposit of € 100. will be subtracted from the Registration fee prior to any consideration for registration fee reimbursement.

Note: Individuals may send their registration payment to either organization; ASA-CBMTS or CBMTS-Croatia. Cards to be used include Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diner’s Club. The special ASA-CBMTS bank account number for electronic bank transfer will be supplied upon request.

••Hotel Information and Fees: Fees are in Euros, €. All rooms will include breakfast.
           ••• Excelsior Hotel: (conference venue) single, no sea view, €132 and single, sea view, €168 double, sea view, € 210
          ••• Argentina Hotel: single sea view € 220 and double sea view: € 240
          ••• Lero Hotel: (limited number of rooms) single € 80 and double € 90
          ••• Park Hotel: single € 106 and double € 122
•• Other hotels will be listed as they become available

• Refund Policy:
•• on hotel rooms. CBMTS must receive a deposit of € 100. per hotel room or a paid registration fee for each reservation made. CBMTS will ensure 95% refund of this hotel fee, if paid, until 28 August. After 28 August - no refund.
•• on registration Fees
          ••• Until 5 July - 90% (10% for bank charge)
          ••• From 5 July - 1 September - 75% of registration fee
          ••• After 1 September - no refund

O. Registration Forms:
Registration forms are to be completed/returned by mail or website before 31 May 2005. Pre-registration notification with Abstract title, should be completed as soon as possible. Payment of fees by credit card (MC, VISA, Amex, Diners) is acceptable. The Registration Form.

•• Registration fees include Welcome/Get Together Party, special Congress Dinner, a separate very Special Dinner or Lunch (to be determined), Program and Proceedings, Special tours and events, Coffee breaks and Lunches for five days, Congress bag and supplies.

P. Fellowships:
The fellowships are to support individuals from developing countries. The requirements for fellowship consideration are to submit a paper and the paper to be approved by the Science Review Committee. The CBMTS Organizing Committees would like to be able to provide in descending order:

Registration fee, accommodation expenses, and most reasonable return fare to Dubrovnik. Available funds for Fellowships will be very limited and are dependent on Sponsors. The CBMTS Organizing Committee will consider more favorably those specific requests for lesser amounts from individuals wishing support to attend.

Q. Sponsors:
Crucial to the success of the CBMTS-Industry IV are the sponsorship of the Government Organizations, Institutions and Industries that are a vital part of the CBMTS-Industry IV meeting. Industry IV is hosted, organized and in part sponsored by the Ministry of Defense of Croatia. This is in partnership with the CBMTS International Organization and Applied Science and Analysis Inc., the CBMTS originator.

The following are a Listing of Sponsors to date and we really appreciate their efforts to provide the CBMTS this support. They are all super organizations.

Key: MS = Major Sponsor, FS = Full Sponsor, CS = Co-Sponsor, In-Process = Organization in process of establishing level of sponsorship.

a. The Government of Croatia and the Croatian Ministry of Defense, (CMOD) MS, Croatia
b. The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) MS, Netherlands
c. The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS, CDC), MS, US
d. Petrokemija Kutina, MS, Croatia
e. Battelle Science and Technology International (BSTI), MS, US
f. The Department of Defense (DoD), MS, US
g. EMD Pharmaceuticals, MS, US
h. Acambis plc, FS, UK
i. Environics, CS, Finland
j. Tradeways, CS, US
k. Allen-Vanguard, Canada

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