The 14th meeting in the CBMTS series:

List of Abstracts and Papers to date for CBMTS-Industry V

"Fourth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism"

Dubrovnik, Croatia
15 through 20 April 2007


  1. Steven Adams, US "Update: An Overview and Developments within the US CDC/Strategic National Stockpile" (Tentative title)

  2. Steven Adams, US "The US CDC SNS ChemPack and the US CDC SNS Deployable Federal Medical Station" (Tentative title. ASA noted the audience interest on these two items, ChemPack and Deployable Med Station, when they were discussed in other venue.)

  3. Steven A. Adams, US "Innovative Concepts and Operational Techniques for the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)"

  4. Dr. Michael Adler, US “Development of Pharmacological Protection Against Intoxication by Botulinum Neurotoxins”

  5. Reza Afshari, Iran "Aluminum Phosphide: The Most Fatal Pesticide"

  6. Prof. Mahdi Balali-Mood, Iran "Effects of Cheap Antidotes; Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Sulfate in Organophosphorous Poisoning"

  7. Prof. Mahdi Balali-Mood, Iran "A Research Paper on the Identifications of Opium and Heroin Body Packing by Medical Imaging in the Poisoned and Non-Poisoned Drug Smuggler"

  8. Prof. Michael Bartoszcze, Poland "Biological agents  detection technologies-the review"

  9. Dr. Fréderíc Baud, France "Smoke Inhalation and Cyanide Poisoning: 20+ Years of the Paris Experience"

  10. Prof. Frédéric J Baud , France "Cyanide toxidrome. A cluster of nonspecific signs may be a clue"

  11. Steve Bice, US "Coordinating International Responses to Emergencies"

  12. Dr. Slavko Bokan M.D., Croatia "Responsible Code of Conduct for the Life Science and Dual-Use Research"

  13. Dr. Slavko Bokan M.D., Croatia "Counter proliferation, Border Security and Counterterrorism subject-related Laws and Regulations, including Export Control Regimes in South-eastern European Countries"

  14. Prof. Stephen Borron, University of Texas, US "An All-Hazards Approach to Antidotal Therapy in Cyanide Poisoning"

  15. Dr. Marc Cadisch, Switzerland "CWC: A Swiss retrospective and perspective" (Dr. Cadisch is the Director of the Swiss National Laboratory, SPIEZ LABORATORY, and Director CBMTS Plenary series. The CBMTS series came into being at the SPIEZ LABORATORY in 1994.)

  16. Pavel Castulik, Czech Republic "The Role of Emergency Medical Service in CBR Incidents"

  17. Prof. Ronald Chessar, Texas Tech Uni., US "Forensic Reconstructions of Radioactive Particulate Releases at the Chernobyl and Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Facilities"
    ASA notes this is a very important area for consideration and as Prof. Chessar points out - this helps our understanding in evaluating dispersion of nuclear materials released by accidental, operational, or clandestine means.

  18. Prof. Christophor Dishovsky, Bulgaria "New directions in antidote treatment of OPC intoxications”

  19. Ankica Cizmek, Croatia "Border Control of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials"

  20. Prof. Kawa Dizaye of Erbil, Iraq “Pattern of morbidity and mortality in Kurdistan/Iraq with an emphasis on exposure to chemical weapons”

  21. Kate Elliott, US "Multinational planning: improving the speed and effectiveness of military response to international crises other than war"

  22. Dr. Seted Naser Emadi M.D, Iran "Prevalence of Skin Cancers Among Iranian Veterans, 18-23 Years Following Exposure to Sulfur Mustard"

  23. Prof. Maria Espona, Argentina "The impact on non-proliferation with a growing number of BL-3 and BL-4 Labs in South America"

  24. Prof. Maria Espona, Argentina "Challenges to Biosecurity"

  25. Nayla Feghali, US “The Role of RSDL in Global Demilitarization Activities”

  26. Dr. David Franz, US "Title to be provided" on dual-use in the context of the overall health risk/health security spectrum"

  27. Prof. Gopalakrishnakone, National University of Singapore “Global Gene Expression Profiling of Human Genome Following Exposure To Soman and Sarin”

  28. Prof Igor Hadjamberdiev, Kyrgyzstan “Contemporary Pollution Due to Old Uranium Tails”

  29. Dr. Alan Hall, US "Hydroxocobalamin as a Cyanide Antidote: Empirical Use, Safety, Efficacy, and Considerations for Stockpiling"

  30. Dr. Murray Hamilton, US "Combinatorial Chemistry in New Drug Discovery " (Area: dual use and the incredible importance of oversight)

  31. Dr. Murray Hamilton, US "Hurrican Katrina: An assessment and lessons learned with AHM and IBM (tentative title)"

  32. Dr. Elisa Harris, Italy "Science and Security Policy: The Case of Advanced Pathogens" (Note: Elisa is with the Center for International and Security Studies at University of Maryland but will be coming to the CBMTS-Industry V from her home in Florence, Italy)

  33. M. Javaid Iqbal, Pakistan "Pakistan’s Efforts and Approach towards the Chemical/Biological Challenge and Threat"

  34. Prof. Heybatullah Kalantari, Iran “Acetylcholinesterase and Butylcholinesterase Activities in Whole Blood and Plasma Samples from Two Communities of Khosestan Province (CW war zone of Iran/Iraq)"

  35. Dr. Walter Katzung, Germany "Scientific support of terrorist actions by commercial grey area literature" (Poster)

  36. Timo Jaakkola, Finland "The Environics Mobile CBRN Detection System”

  37. Dr. Vesna Jasevic, Serbia "Antidol efficacy of a new combination in treatment of subacute T-2 toxin poisoning in rats"

  38. Prof. Jasmina Jovic-Stosic, Serbia "Toxic Effects of Peracetic Acid Used as a Chemical Weapon During Workers Riot"

  39. Dr. Manana Juruli, Republic of Georgia "Toxic Waste Management: Capacity Building in Georgia"

  40. Dr. Kent Van Kampen, US "Adenovirus-vectored vaccine as a rapid-response tool against avian influenza pandemic”

  41. Kennedy Kaonga, Zambia “Evaluation of Perceptions on Threats of Terrorist Attack That Never Were: The Zambian Experience”

  42. Prof. Dr. Levent Kenar, Turkey "The approach to bioterrorism incidents in Turkey"; and, "The Bioterrorism Symposium in Turkey - June 2007" (Dr. Kenar is a professor with the Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GMMA) )

  43. Prof. Rashid Khadarov, Uzbekistan "Remote detection and location of illegal radioactive materials and units”

  44. Dr. Shahriar Khateri, Iran "Update: Health status of Iranian victims of chemical weapons; plus, Report: Ongoing research projects addressing CW health effects in Iran"

  45. Prof. Nestor Lagos, Chile “Neosaxitoxin: Safe And Effective Local Anesthetic In Humans”

  46. Peter Leitner, US "Inoculation Policies in Response to BW Attacks: Additional Factors to Consider"

  47. Byron Marsh, US “Demonstration Exercise of a Validated Sample Collection Method for Powders Suspected of Bein Biological Agents in Georgia 2006”

  48. Hassan Mashhadi, Netherlands “Combating Chemical Terrorism - an International Assessment”

  49. Prof. Jiri Matousek, Czech Republic "Role Of The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) In Combating Chemical Terrorism"

  50. Prof. Jiri Matousek, Czech Republic "The Czech National Action Plan On Combating Terrorism: Political And Legal Point Of Outcome In Responding To CBRNE-Terrorism"

  51. Otakar Mika, Czech Republic "Fast Assessment of Hazardous Industrial Toxic Substances"

  52. Prof. Medea Mkheidze, Russia "Some genetic characteristics of the population residing nearby a Nuclear Power Plant"

  53. Prof. Sergey Netesov, Russia "New International Initiatives in the Field of Strengthening Biosafety and Biosecurity Rules in Labs Working with Infectious Pathogens"

  54. Dr. Zvonko Orehovec, Croatia "South East Europe Experience with EU Dual Use Laws, Regulations, Procedures"

  55. Dr. Zvonko Orehovec, Croatia "Technical and Human Security for Petroleum Industry Companies as Targets for Terrorism"

  56. Hector Paz, Chile “Complimentary measures for proliferation of WMD and their relation with conventions

  57. Dr. Vadim Petrov, Russia "Some Technical Questions on Destruction of the 2,000,000 Chemical Artllery Arms in Kizner (Udmurtia)"

  58. Dr. Vadim Petrov, Russia "The Problem of Neutralization of Reactionary Masses in the Russian Technologies of CWD"

  59. Prof. Carleton Phillips, US "WMD NonProliferation: Biosecurity in the age of Terrorism" (Prof. Phillips is from Texas Tech University and has recently returned from extended assignment in Iraq)

  60. Prof. Alexander Pivovarov, Ukraine "Intentional Toxic Pollution of Superficial and Underground Waters in Industrial Regions of Ukraine"

  61. Prof. Alexander Pivovarov, Ukraine "Radiation Risk and Possible Consequences for Ukrainian Population"

  62. Prof. Lyudmila Pozdnyakova, Ukraine "Evaluation of the potential biological threats in the Ukraine"

  63. Dr. Lyudmyla Pozdnyakova, Ukraine "Use of Immunegenetical Methods for Biological Risks Evaluation"

  64. Dr. Barbara Price, US "The Journal of Chemical, Biological, Radiological Medical Defense". [Dr. Price is an original founder of the CBMTS series, is the Co-Chair of the CBMTS Industry V Symposium, and is the Editor of the On-line "Journal of Chemical, Biological, Radiological Medical Defense (" now in its fifth year.]

  65. Zeljko Radalj, Croatia "Radioactive Materials in Medical Institutions as a Potential Threat"

  66. Jack Radisch, OECD (Paris) "OECD progress in the area of Dual Use" (area of presentation and not a specific title at this time)

  67. Jack Radisch, OECD (Paris) "OECD Policy Recommendations on Security for Biological Materials"

  68. Dr. Prabhati Ray, U.S. "Protein Changes in Sulfur Mustard Exposure: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications"

  69. Dr. Radharaman Ray, U.S. "Cell Death Mechanisms in Sulfur Mustard Injury: Basis for Therapeutics Development"

  70. Dr. Venkat Rao, US "Biohazard Analysis of Select Biodefense Vaccine Candidates— and Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus Strain 3526 and Francisella Tularensis LVS"

  71. Dr. Venkat Rao, US "Maximum Credible Event Analysis Methods --  Tools and Applications in Biosecurity Programs"

  72. Professor Vladimir Rembovskiy, Director RIHOPHE, Russia "Sanitary Assessment of Hazardous Materials Exposed to Highly Toxic Chemical Compounds"

  73. Dr. Vladimir Reshetin, Belarus "Radiation Risk Associated with Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation: Irrational Fear Or Real Danger?"

  74. Gareth Roberts, UK "A New Generation of Thermal Desorption Technology Incorporating Multi Mode Sampling (NRT/ DAAMS/ Liquid Agent) for Both On and Off Line Analysis of Trace Level Airborne Chemical Warfare Agents"

  75. Gareth Roberts, UK "The integration of a small Thermal Desorption (TD) system for air monitoring into a mobile analytical laboratory in France used by the NRBC emergency first responder police organisation"

  76. Dr. David Robinson, US "Presentations on the Relationship of Microorganism Classification by CDC/NIH Guidelines and the CFR to the Design of Laboratory Facilities"

  77. Prof. Elena Ryabchikova, VECTOR, Novosibirsk, Russia "The Pathology of Avian Influenza in Birds and Animals: an Analytical Review"

  78. Prof. Guilherme Santana, Brazil "Oil Insecurity: The Impacts of Terrorism on the Oil and Gas Global Industries"

  79. Dr. Elena I. Savel’eva, Russia "Establishment of Exposure to Organophosphorus Warfare Agents by Means of SPME-GSMS Analysis of Bodily Fluids"

  80. Dr. Elena I. Savel’eva, Russia "Development of Procedures for the Analysis of Components of Dumped Chemical Weapons and Their Principal Transformation Products in Sea Water"

  81. Dr. Encho Savov, Bulgaria "Epidemiology of Multiresistant Acinetobacter Infections in Bulgaria"

  82. Prof. Dr. M. Reza Soroush, Iran "Carcinogenicity of Sulfur Mustard" (provides results of the national cancer registry project among Mustard gas exposed population in Iran)

  83. Mason Soule, US "The First International Chinese Biopharmaceutical Symposium, Beijing, 2006 - A very positive step in preparing for pandemics" (Mr. Soule was a primary organizer of the very important, very successful first ICBPS held in Beijing last December)

  84. Dr. Eric Stephen, Canada “Na Vir Ccept - Anti-Viral Technology Demonstration Program”

  85. Dr. Eric Stephen, Canada “Dual Use Threat Assessment Framework”

  86. Dr. Stef Stienstra, The Netherlands "The CBRNE Threat Needs New Dedicated Analysers"

  87. Davor Stipetic, Croatia "Intelligence and security standards for protection of industrial facilities in the case of terrorism and/or military attack"

  88. Dr. Milena Jovasecic-Stojanovic, Serbia “Fit Factor of Respirators Against CBR Agents of Nanoparticles Dimensions”

  89. Vladimir Superina, Croatia "Rocket's Liquid Fuel as a Potential Threat"

  90. Dr. De-chu C. Tang, US "Adenovirus-Vectored Nasal Anthrax Vaccine” (will be presented by Dr. Kent Van Kampen)

  91. Dr. Michael Taylor, US "System for Capturing/Storage/Retrieval/ Sharing of Toxicological Information Required for Rapid Assessment of Risks Posed by Release of CBRN Materials in the Environment"  

  92. Prof. Dr. Veljko Todorovic, Serbia "Possibilities for Military Medical Academy Hospital Treatment of Mass Cassualty Industrial Accident and Terrorism Victims" (tentative title)

  93. David Trudil, US "Detection - NIR, Luminescence, Rapid Methods Pit Falls"

  94. Dr. Andrew Volyansky, Ukraine "Biosafety Education and Training Programs for Ukrainian Microbiologists"

  95. Dr. Slavica Vucinic, Serbia "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dilemmas in Acute Organophosphate Poisoning and New Potential Therapeutic Agents"

  96. R.C. Whitcomb Jr., US "Radiological Dispersal, Polonium-210, and Lessons for Public Health"


Tentative presentations are proposed from the following 28 countries - is your country on board?  This is a very early list and we look forward to your country being represented.

Czech Republic
Republic of Georgia


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