The 16th meeting in the CBMTS series:

CBMTS - Industry VI: Preliminary Announcement

"Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism"

Dubrovnik, Croatia
5 through 10 April 2009
with a very important Pre-Congress Workshop on 4-5 April 2009

          Hotel Croatia, Cavtat - Dubrovnik. The CBMTS-Industry VI, “Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism”, under the auspices and sponsorship of the Government of Croatia and hosted and organized by the State Department of Rescue and Protection (SDRP) and Croatian Organizing Committee with the ASA/CBMTS, is very pleased to present this extremely important sixth meeting in the CBMTS-Industry series in Dubrovnik. This meeting, which provides a specific focus on the topic of chemical, biological, radiological (CBR) terrorism and anti-terrorism matters, is the 16th meeting in the CBMTS series. Very importantly we will also be looking at proliferation and how best to understand and take actions to minimize.

          This symposium will explore the scientific, medical and policy aspects as well as the effects of terrorism on the community and the individual and on each layer of infrastructure to include each echelon of government. We will build on the base of knowledge established during the first four ‘World Congress on CBR Terrorism’ beginning with the very prophetic First World Congress on “CBR Terrorism” in Dubrovnik from 21-27 April 2001. Professionals charged with immediate response to crisis conditions provided this first World Congress detailed information on which to plan. Just 4 1/2 months later would be 9/11 and their planning and training would be put to the ultimate test. Their experiences proved that detailed planning and training would lead to successful execution. Many of these same leaders will once again be with us for CBMTS-Industry VI “The Fifth World Congress on CBR Terrorism”.

          To again quote George Bernard Shaw “Those who seek paradise on earth should come to see Dubrovnik.”
Note: This Fifth World Congress is planning a very important pre-Congress Workshop for 4-5 April 2009, which will be open to all Congress participants. Details are being worked and will be sent via the CBMTS e-mail network and will be in ASA 08-4.

(Index of below paragraphs)

A. Who Should Attend
B. Call for Papers ­ Topic/Theme Areas
C. Important Dates
D. Important Numbers
E. Pre-Registration and Information
F. Abstract Submission
G. The CBMTS - Industry VI E-mail Network
H. The CBMTS - Industry VI Web-Sites
I. Requirements for Attendance
J. Venue
K. Host
L. Registration/Hotel Fees: (in Euros)
M. Registration Forms
N. Refund Policy
O. CBMTS Scholarships/Fellowships
P. Sponsors


Technical Program (in PDF)
Abstract Titles
A Few Basic Croation Phrases
Excursions For Accompanying Persons

A. Who Should Attend?

          Industry, government and academic professionals in science, medicine and policy; medical, public health and medical research professionals including primary care physicians, practitioners and veterinarians; local, regional and national laboratory representatives; first responders and HAZMAT specialists including emergency, crisis management and mitigation, and civil defense personnel; industry leaders to include scientists and engineers; and specialists in computer risk modeling and planning, training and local community interface and communications.

B. Call for papers/topic and theme areas.

          Papers should cover any one or a combination of the listed baskets of topic areas as well as areas not listed. For ‘non-listed’ areas, the author should show how the subject fits with the theme of the Congress. Please consider the theoretical as well as practical in problem definition and preparation and response. The importance of individual country measures as well as local, national, regional, and international preparation and response is of the highest interest to professionals attending this “Fifth World Congress on CBR Terrorism”. We must be able to distinguish between attacks from another state and a terrorist, between real and alleged terrorist attacks and between man and nature.

The following are the listed Baskets of Topic areas.

(Please note: The subject areas, as listed, are preliminary and will be adjusted or changed as warranted by your considerations and comments. We urge all prospective CBMTS participants to once again think outside of the box - and think the unthinkable.

1. Workshop: 4 April - Details will be forthcoming.

2. INDUSTRY VI: 5-10 April 2009

C. Important Dates:

D. Important Numbers:

(changes to the above important numbers will be in the August ASA issue (08-4) and will be supplied via the ASA/CBMTS e-mail network.)

Note for all: On all messages, please include the ASA and Croatian e-mail and/or fax addresses and very important: put “CBMTS Ind VI” on Subject line of every message.

E. Pre-registration and information:

          Please forward at the earliest time, your pre-registration information to include name; organization, tel/fax and e-mail numbers, proposed paper title. The data requested are on the CBMTS-Industry VI registration form at the ASA/CBMTS web site.

F. Abstract Submission:

          Abstracts on above Topic Areas will be 250 words or less. Full information on the Abstract format will be located on the Industry VI web site by 15 August 2008)

G. The CBMTS-Industry VI E-mail Update Network:

          For all prospective participants who would like update information on this CBMTS-Industry VI meeting, please forward your preferred e-mail address for entry into the CBMTS Update network. Send your e-mail address to: To expedite messages, put “CBMTS Industry VI” in subject line.
••additional details to be announced

H. The CBMTS - Industry VI Web-Sites:

          The ASA/CBMTS web-site <> will be activated by 30 June 2008. General information, sector, topic/theme areas, pre-registration/registration forms, and abstract/paper submission information, will be on this ASA web site.

          The Croatian CBMTS-Industry VI support team’s web-site will include general information on the Industry VI meeting as well as specific information on Dubrovnik and the Hotel Croatia, and other important conference related data. These data will include visa information, customs data for import of material, information on Croatian Airlines and schedules to/from Dubrovnik. Web site location will be provided at earliest time.

I. Requirements for Attendance:

          Participation is based primarily on abstract/paper acceptance and/or geographical representation. After abstract acceptance by CBMTS International Science Review Committee, a ‘Letter of Invitation’ will be sent.

          Note: Because of the importance of the subject area to all countries, CBMTS-Industry VI may consider accepting applicants who wish to attend without a paper. Of high importance for the Congress would be those individuals who are active in the prevention of terrorism in their own countries or at regional or international levels.

J. Venue:

          The “CBMTS-Industry VI” will take place at the five star Hotel Croatia in Cavtat - a Dubrovnik suburb. This beautiful hotel, which sits on the Adriatic is a short bus ride to the gates of that famous fortress city - Dubrovnik.

K. Host:

          The CBMTS-Industry VI “Fifth World Congress on CBR Terrorism” is under the aupices of the Government of Croatia and will be hosted by The Croatian State Department of Rescue and Protection (SFDA) and several Croatian ministries, including Defense, Foreign Affairs, Health, Science and Technology, Industry, and Tourism.

          The Croatian CBMTS Organizing Committee with ASA provide the operational and planning support, and assist in the administrative support crucial to the success of CBMTS-Industry VI.

L. Registration/Hotel Fees: (in Euros)

Note 1: The daily tax is 1.10 Euro per day which is added to the above rates.

Note 2: 70% of the Hotel Croatia rooms are on the Adriatic and these sea side rooms will be issued on a first requested basis with completed registration and a guaranteed form of payment provided.

M: Registration Forms:

N: Refund Policy:

           1. Hotels: One night deposit is required and cancellations without losing deposit must be not later than 27 March 2009.

           2. Registration Fees and Refunds

(a) Through 27 February 2009 = 90% refund
(b) From 28 February through 22 March 2009 = 75% refund
(c) From 23 March until 01 April 2009 = 50% refund
(d) After 01 April = no refund

O: Fellowships:

           Primarily for our participants from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. For those who meet these criteria, we need pre-registration information and an Abstract title as quickly as possible. The completed Abstract required prior to 27 Feb (new date). Abstracts will be reviewed by the executive/science review committees. Results of this review will determine the order of precedence for submission to the OPCW and the CBMTS for financial assistance. For OPCW assistance please note the OPCW is very firm in that we must ensure that only professionals from developing countries are to be considered and that these professionals must not have received previous OPCW assistance. Additionally, the professional in consideration must present a paper on some aspect of chemistry. And as always for CBMTS assistance - the lesser required assistance request will be considered first and as with the OPCW, the professional must be from a developing country.

P. Sponsors:

            Our sponsors, as always, are CBMTS members, sponsors and exhibitors. Only sponsors may exhibit materials or distribute literature on their organization. We encourage Sponsorship of CBMTS-Industry VI “The Fifth World Congress”. This is the primary avenue for support of our fellow professionals from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. The Sponsorship levels are: (details available upon request)

  1. Major Sponsors
  2. Sponsors
  3. Co-Sponsors

Sponors and their contribution at various levels for CBMTS Industry VI support of professionals from developing countries and CBMTS Industry VI operations:

(Note: Our sponsors, as always, are CBMTS members, sponsors and exhibitors. Only sponsors may exhibit materials or distribute literature on their organization. We encourage Sponsorship of CBMTS-Industry VI "The Fifth World Congress". This is the primary avenue for support of our fellow professionals from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. )

  1. Co-Sponsor (US $6,000.) includes:
    (1). Up to two Industry registrations paid. Registration includes all lunches at the Hotel Croatia symposium venue (Monday through Friday) ; the Symposium dinner, the Welcome Party, a tour/demonstration related to the activities of CBMTS Industry VI and other events as scheduled.
    (2). The basic exhibit set-up is included in the sponsorship fees and includes a display space at the Symposium venue for the full period. This area is fully integrated into the Symposium. A CBMTS Industry VI participant may visit the exhibition area at all times during the Symposium.
    (3). A one half page advert space (A3 size) in both the Symposium Program which is distributed at the meeting and the Symposium Proceedings which will be distributed approximately 6-8 months after conclusion of the meeting. This will also include a one half page advert in the ASA Newsletter in an issue of your choosing within one year from March 2009.
    (4). The CBMTS Industry VI Organizing Committee will include your brochure(s), if forwarded to them in time, within each Symposium Bag which will be provided to each participant upon registration.
    (5). The CBMTS Organizing Committee will work with you for customs and will assist you at ensuring your equipment/displays etc. arrive with minimal, if any, delay.
    (6). Sponsorship funding will be used for support of participants from developing countries or countries with economies in transition and in the administrative and operational support of the symposium.
  2. Sponsor (US $8,000.) includes:
    Same as para a plus up to three Industry registrations paid. Pluse full page adverts in the Program, Proceedings, and ASA Newsletter.
  3. Major Sponsor (US $10,000. +)
    Same as para a and b plus up to four Industry registrations paid and featured in ASA Newsletter.
    Note 1: All sponsors are encouraged to fully participate in the meeting and although not a requirement for Sponsors - are encouraged to give presentations.
    Note 2: Sponsorship funding is a primary source for funds needed to provide support to our professionals from developing countries.
  4. Payment information.
    By check to:
    CBMTS Industry VI
    Applied Science and Analysis, Inc.
    P.O. Box 6409
    Kaneohe, HI 96744
    or Bank Transfer to TD Banknorth; ASA Newsletter/CBMTS bank account number: (supplied upon request)
    or credit card; however, the CBMTS loses about 5% with the credit card charges.


From previous CBMTS meetings - our tasks remain the same. 

  1. The world seems to present even newer and more complex challenges to the CBMTS professionals with each passing meeting. These challenges include the radiological and emerging disease threats, agroterrorism, proliferation, stockpiling, emergency preparedness and so many more. And as always CBMTS will help surface and define the problems as well as help solve these myriad challenges.
  2. A quick CBMTS philosophy lesson for our new members. The CBMTS does not have “lectures” invited or otherwise. We have presentations, based on documented papers, on what the member has done, is doing and/or plans to do in the future that is of interest to the world's most experienced science and medical professionals - the CBMTS members. Many will remember this vignette from a few years ago when one of our new young members gave a presentation on a well known detector and then tried to explain the detector in detail to an older gentleman who kept asking questions. The young lad appeared a little perturbed at the series of questions until he belatedly realized he was talking to the inventor and original producer of that detector.  And that is the CBMTS - if it happened anywhere in the CBRN world, a CBMTS member was involved.


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