The 16th meeting in the CBMTS series:

List of Abstracts and Papers to date for CBMTS-Industry VI

"Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism"

Dubrovnik, Croatia
5 through 10 April 2009


Names of Abstracts received to date:
(Please recognize that several of the proposed presenters with their presentations may not be able to participate because of funding and other issues)

(family name, given name - country)

  1. Adams, Steven - US "Overview of the US Strategic National Stockpile"
  2. Anttalainen, Osmo - Finland "Mobile Gamma Spectrometry with Remote Data Analysis"
  3. Aue, Walter - Switzerland "Covering Sources of Toxic Vapors with Foams"
  4. Benkovic, Zeljko - Croatia "Security and Health Protection During the Transport of Hazardous Substances"
  5. Benkovic, Zeljko - Croatia "Hazardous Substances Shipping at Inland Water Harbors"
  6. Bauer, Timothy - US "Chemical Toxicity Approach for Emergency Response"
  7. Bokan, Slavko - Croatia "Explosive Developments in Biotechnology and the Role of BTWC in Strengthening a Global Biosecurity / Biosafety"
  8. Bokan, Slavko - Croatia "An Integrated Approach to Risk Assessment and Mitigating the CBRN Threat"
  9. Borron, Stephen - US "The Role of Poison Control Centers in CBRN Incidents"
  10. Castulik, Pavel - Czech Republic "Chemical Sensing Underclothing System for Testing of PPE"
  11. Castulik, Pavel - Czech Republic "Urgent Medical Response in CBR Incidents"
  12. Chelidze, Lia - Georgia "Implementing the Strengthened Non-Proliferation Regime in Georgia"
  13. Cizmek, Ankica - Croatia "The Role of Nuclear Suppliers Group in Preventing the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons"
  14. DeBell, Robert - US "The Future of Emerging Disease"
  15. Dizaye, Kawa - Iraq "Long-term effects of chemical weapons on health in Kurdistan of Iraq"
  16. Dunaytsev, Igor - Russia "The Characteristics of Exosporium Antigens from Different Vaccine Strains of Bacillius Anthracis"
  17. Dunaytsev, Igor - Russia "The Search and Identification of New Immuno Diagnostic Targets of Bacillus Anthracis Spore"
  18. Eifried, Gary - US "What About the Animals? Dealing with Working Dogs, Pets and Other Animals During Terrorism Incidents and Disasters"
  19. Emadi, Nasser - Kenya "Malignant cutaneous T-cell lymphoma among 1100 Iranian victims, 2 decades after exposure to Sulfur Mustard: A long term investigation"
  20. Feghali, Nayla - Canada "RSDL: New Research, Approvals and Indications for Use"
  21. Furukawa, Katsuhisa - Japan "The Case of Aum Shinrikyo's WMD Terrorism and Japan's Counter-Measures for WMD Terrorism"
  22. Hadjamberdiev, Igor - Kyrgyzstan "A Large Industrial Pollution Problem on the Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Border: Soviet production of mercury and stibium (antimony) for the Soviet Military"
  23. Hart, John - Sweden "Sea-Dumped CW Munitions - The European Component"
  24. Hincal, Filiz - Turkey "Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals and Biosimilars in relation to Storage, Handling and Stability"
  25. Horvatic, Mario - Croatia "Nuclear Safety Regulations in Republic of Croatia"
  26. Iwuoha, Emmanuel - South Africa "Electrochemical Nanobiosensor Alarm Devices for the Determination of Endocrine Disruptor Agents"
  27. Jacevic, Vesna - Serbia "Dose Response Toxic Effects of Different Oximes In Vivo: Pathohistological Evaluation"
  28. Jones, Steven - Canada "Exercising Multi-Jurisdictional Responses to Bioterrorism in Canada"
  29. Jutro, Peter - US "Strategic Approaches to CBRN Decontamination Research Design and Investment"
  30. Kalantari, Heibatullah - Iran "Antidotal Effect of Varthemia Persica DC Extract in Organophosphate Poisoning or Warfare Agents by Measuring Whole Blood AChE"
  31. Kaonga, Kennedy - Zambia "Exposure to Formaldehyde: A Challenge of Occupational Health Significance"
  32. Kaszeta, Dan - UK "VIP Protection from CBRN Hazards"
  33. Katzung, Walter - Germany "MDS G(N) Fast Differentiation between Natural and Artificial Gamma Radiation with a new Class of Mobile Instruments"
  34. Klicek, Miljenka - Croatia "SEVESO II Directive in Prevention and Mitigation of Consequences of Chemical Terrorism"
  35. Korkmaz, Ahmet - Turkey "Epigenetic Perturbations in the Pathogenesis of Mustard Toxicity; Hypothesis and Preliminary Results"
  36. Kovarik, Zrinka - Croatia "Native and Tabun-Inhibited Cholinesterase Interactions with Oximes"
  37. Kraatz-Wadsack, Gabriele - UN "Preparing for and implementing the UN Secretary-General's mechanism on alleged use investigation for Biological Weapons"
  38. Krajinovic, Lidija - Croatia "Biosafety Level 3 Facility: Essential Infrastructure in Biodefense Strategy in the Republic of Croatia"
  39. Kuca, Kamil - Czech Republic "Development of New Czech Autoinjector with Oxime HI-6 DMS"
  40. Kuca, Kamil - Czech Republic "Searching for the Universal Reactivator for Treatment of Pesticide Poisonings"
  41. Kutateladze, Mzia - Georgia "Phages for Detection of Bacterial Pathogens"
  42. Magadula, Joseph - Tanzania "Exposure to different toxic chemicals: A Threat to Environment and Human Health in Mining Sites in Tanzania"
  43. Medema, Jan - Netherlands "Protective Measures While Treating CWA Casualties"
  44. Medema, Jan - Netherlands "Consequences of a Changing CBRN Threat"
  45. Mishra, K. P. - India "New Strategies on Biomedical Approaches for Developing Countermeasures Against Radiation and Nuclear Emergencies"
  46. Musilek, Kamil - Czech Republic "Research of Small Quaternary AChE Inhibitors as Pretreatment of OP Poisoning"
  47. Myers, Todd - US "Behavioral Effects of Nerve Agents: Laboratory Animal Models"
  48. Ondicho, Joyce - Kenya "Antimicrobial activity of the root, stem bark and seed extracts of Moringa oleifera Lam"
  49. Pivovarov, Alexander - Ukraine "Aqueous Media Treatment and Decontamination of Hazardous Chemical and Biological Substances by Contact Plasma"
  50. Price, Barbara B. - US "The Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense: An Update"
  51. Rao, Venkat - US "Converging Requirements and Emerging Challenges to Public Health Disease Surveillance and Biosurveillance"
  52. Reshetin, Vladimir - Belarus "Mobile System for Radiation Reconnaissance after Terrorist Attack"
  53. Ryabchikova, Elena - Russia "Features of Pathology in Mice Experimentally Infected with Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza Virus"
  54. Samihardjo, Isroil - Indonesia "Progress in the Implementation of Biosecurity and Biosafety Procedures in Indonesia"
  55. Samihardjo, Isroil - Indonesia "CBRNE doctrine and tactics, organization, equipment, logistics, and standard procedures from Indonesian perspectives"
  56. Savov, Entcho - Bulgaria "Transborder Cooperation on the Protection, Surveillance, and Control of Endemic Diseases"
  57. Skinner, Lars - US "Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) as Asymmetric Weapons: The Design Basis Threat"
  58. Smith, Darrin - US "Incident Command Linkup: The Vital Key for CBRN Response"
  59. Speakman, Philip - UK "Recombinant Butyrylcholinesterase (rBuChE) Therapy following VX Poisoning by the Percutaneous Route: Preliminary Studies"
  60. Stan, Constantin - Romania "In Vivo Identical Reversibility of Rad-Bio-Chem Lesions in Blood, Bone Marrow, Liver, Endocrine System and on the Whole Body"
  61. Stienstra, Stef - Netherlands "The use of Anthrax and Orthopox Therapeutic Antibodies from Human Origin in Biodefense"
  62. Stipetic, Davor - Croatia “What Are the Risks of WMD by Organized Crime in Southeast Europe”
  63. Taleski, Vaso - Macedonia "Francisella tularensis - Potential Biological Agent"
  64. Trifunovic, Dejan - Croatia "Dirty Bombs: Assessment of Radiological Impacts"
  65. Trudil, David - US "Phage and phage lytic enzymes"
  66. Ward, M.C. - US "Development of an Operational Waterborne Weaponized Chemical Agent Transport Modeling Capability"
  67. Whitcomb, Robert - US "Novel Approaches to Support Medical Countermeasure Response to Radiological or Nerve Agent Events"
  68. Wu, Aiguo - US "The Hazard Prediction Analysis Code: dispersion of bioaerosols"
  69. Yaren, Hakan - Turkey "Comparing the Therapeutic Efficiency of Aminoguanidine and 3 Aminobenzamide in Lung and Intestine Toxicity Caused by Nitrogen Mustard in Rats"

Countries/International Organizations represented (32) with proposed presentations and/or delegations to the CBMTS Industry VI date:

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