CBMTS VI: The Sixth Plenary

Personal Information:
Family Name:
First Name(s):
Title / Profession:
Organization / Company:
Postal Mailing Address:
Phone:                                                                                    Fax:
E-mail address:
Accompanying Person:                                                           Relationship:
**Accompanied person fees for lunches, dinners, Welcome Party and Symposium Dinner: (will be supplied)

Abstract Title:
Abstract has been sent: (give date)                                         or will be sent: (give date)

Accommodation Request:
Hotel Requested:                                                                   Room Preference:

Travel Info:
Flight Arrival to CBMTS VI(date/ time):                                Airline/Flight Number:
Flight Departure (date/ time):                                                 Airline/Flight Number:
Note:  Railroad schedules - at least every hour to Spiez/Interlacken from all airports.

Registration Fees and Payment:

Registration Fee:
Gov/Academia registration fee:
Industry registration fee:
Until 24 Feb.2006
CHF 950
CHF 1250
After 24 Feb. 2006
CHF 1150
CHF 1450

Terms of Payment for Registration Fees and /or Hotel Deposit:
Credit Card Type:
Credit Card Number:                                                              Expiration Date:
Name on Card:

Electronic Transfer: Send to and mark for CBMTS VI:

Upon completion send to BOTH, the Spiez Organizing Committee and ASA, by either:

Because of the increasing amount of spam, ASA has tightened the filters on our email systems.
If you are sending email to cbmts@asanltr.com, please put CBMTS or ASA Newsletter or JMCBR in the subject, followed by a short description of the subject of the email. Otherwise the email may be filed as spam and deleted.

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Last update: 26 October 2005