The 14 year anniversary of the Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia (CBMTS)




Spiez Laboratory

The Seventh Plenary


Spiez , Switzerland
13 April - 18 April 2008


Admin Updates:

A few important notes on the administrative side of the CBMTS meeting:

1. Your messages concerning CBMTS VII  - MUST include both e-mail addresses (either To: or  Cc:) or they can not be accepted.  1.  and 2. .  We lose much time when we have to retransmit to each other - each and every CBMTS message.

2. Invitation Letters, based on Abstract acceptance, are being processed as quickly as possible by SPIEZ LABORATORY CBMTS team and should be completed for all by early next week at latest.  Well over 100 letters are involved.

3. Visas and resulting Embassy confusion can be cleared only by Irma Lehnherr and the CBMTS Organizing Committee of the Spiez Laboratory.  And they must know early on if you are having problems in this area.  You should FIRST check and recheck your own foreign clearance guides and the web for Swiss Visa information.  Most do not need VISAS and for those that do – early action on your part will resolve the problem(s).

4.  Individual Costs for Accompanied Persons to participate in CBMTS activities, if they so desire:

  1. Welcome Party on Sunday 13 April: 32 Swiss Francs. Always a very
    desirable and enjoyable introduction to the CBMTS gang.

  2. Symposium Dinner on Tuesday 15 April: 120 Swiss Francs. A truly super event with the Swiss Army Chefs Association preparing and providing food from every Cantonement, every area of Switzerland - plus the Swiss Army band in period uniform plus many, many other events.  Of course in Switzerland, most of the famous Swiss Restaurants and Chefs belong in one way or another to this Association.  Always sold out - this event will be sold out even earlier this year.

  3. Excursion and Farewell Dinner on Thursday 17 April: 65 Swiss Francs. This excursion, continues the SPIEZ LABORATORY CBMTS Organizing Committee's tradition of ensuring a tour through the most beautiful and scenic valleys of the Alps and this time to the oldest glass works in Switzerland.  This Hergiswil Glass Factory and tour are fantastic. The European Cultural Commission has cited its Museum as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

  4. Buffet Dinners at Metropole Hotel on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings: 42 SFr.

  5. Lunch at Spiez Laboratory Kantine for non-Registration Fee participants/guests: Monday through Friday: 18 SFr. Note on above: All prices above show less than a 5% increase over 2006 prices.  For participants: the above is included for you only, in your registration fee.

Papers/Abstracts and Required Information!!

1. Presentations: Oral and Poster.

  1. Our goal is for oral presentations to be 20 minutes, which will include a couple minutes for floor discussion.  The beauty of the SPIEZ LABORATORY venue is that during the coffee breaks and lunch periods - all participants are together and lively discussions continue unabated.  Session Chairs and Co-Chairs will ensure assigned times are followed.  Assigned times after Session start are the responsibility of the Session Chair.
  2. Poster presentations require a 3 minute oral presentation with 3 power point slides or vu-graphs. (1). Say who you are and what organization you represent. (2). Very, very briefly describe your paper and (3). Tell the CBMTS members why they should visit your Poster.
  3. Sector and Session Chairs and Co-Chairs will be named by 10 March or earlier.

2.  Specifically follow the instructions, especially for formatting Abstracts and/or Paper preparation at web site:  and then go to CBMTS.  Please have reformatted Abstracts or corrected Abstracts to both  and not later than 28 February. Dr. Barbara Price will be sending specific guidance from the Science Review Committee to many presenters over the next few days. Please note and correct as required.

3. Presenters Only: Please forward to  your mini-CV of around 75 words and a small, passport size, picture of yourself.  Please do this by not later than 25 February.


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