The 17th meeting in the CBMTS series:

List of Abstracts and Papers to date for CBMTS VII

The Eighth Plenary

Spiez , Switzerland
13 April - 18 April 2008


1. Allen, LTC Jeffrey; US "Doctrine and the Establishement of a CBRNE Organization with Rapid Response Capabilities"
2. Bartoszcze, Prof Michal; Poland "Protection against bioterrorism, where we are?"
3. Beacorn, Dr Tom; US "Georgia Food Emergency Response Plan: Plan Development, Table Top Exercise and Functional Exercise"
4. Invernizzi, Cedric; Switzerland "Dual Use Research of Concern: An Educational Program Focused on Swiss Scientists"
5. Kassa, Prof Jiri; Czech Republic, "The potency of combinations of oximes to increase the reactivating and therapeutic efficacy of antidotal treatment of soman-poisoned rats and mice"
6. Kazeta, Dan; UK, "Lessons Learned in Detecting and Identifying Radiation Sources in the Modern Urban Environment²
7. Khateri, Dr Shahriar; Iran, "Case studies on the current health status, including long term health effects and exposure related illnesses, of survivors of 1980s Mustard gas attacks"
8. Kiel, Dr Johnathan; US "Methods for Collecting, Detecting and Identifiying Biological Agents in Environmental and Animal Samples"
9. Leitner, Dr Peter; US "Antiagriculture & Other Terrorist Uses of Radioactive Dispersal Devices (RDDs)"
10. Lyubimov, Prof Dr Alex; US "Evaluation of safety of three Smallpox vaccines in immune competent and immune deficient mouse models"
11. Magadula, Dr Joseph; Tanzania "Exposure to different toxic chemicals: A threat to Environment and Human Health in mining sites in Tanzania"
12. Marsh, CPT Bryon; US, 4th Civil Support Team (CST), Georgia, US "Rapid On-Site Detection: Modeling Consequences and Food Safety"
13. Marsh, CPT Bryon; US, 4th Civil Support Team (CST), Georgia, US "Operational Overview of Environmental Sampling During a Chemical/Biological Event"
14. Matousek, Prof. Jiri; Czech Republic "The Czech protective masks for first responders and the civil population"
15. Netesov, Prof Dr. Sergey; Russia, "Biosafety Education in Russia as a Bioterrorism Prevention Measure: Current and Future"
16. Perkins, CPT Dr. Dana; US, "Consequence Management of Biological Incidents"
17. Smith, MAJ Darrin; 4th Civil Support Team (CST), Georgia, US, "Operation Vigilant Sample Ii: A Response Overview" (Using state and military assets to collect and identify gamma-irradiated Bacillus Anthracis spores and lessons learned)

Countries attending, (9) to date - (9) represented by abstract titles include:

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