The 17th meeting in the CBMTS series:

List of Abstracts and Papers to date for CBMTS VIII

The Eighth Plenary

Spiez , Switzerland
02 May - 07 May 2010

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  1. Adams, Steve; US "Strategies For Influenza Mitigation, Medical Materiel Planning And Response For Both The Spring And Fall Waves of 2009 Influenza A (H1N1)"
  2. Amlot, Richard; UK "The Orchids Project: Evaluation, Optimisation, Trialling And Modelling Procedures For Mass Casualty Decontamination"
  3. Andrieu, Raymond; Switzerland “A New Direct CFD Proprietary Software For Biodefense: Simulation Of Airflows And Contaminants Diffusion. Example Of A Shopping Center Contamination With Biological, Gaseous Or Aerosols Vectors
  4. Andrews, Jennifer; US “The Role Of In-Situ Analytics And Reaction Calorimetry In The Investigation Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction”
  5. Anttalainen, Osmo; Finland "CBRNE Detection System Concept – Quick Install-To-Run Wide Area Network”
  6. Bajgar, Jiri; Czech Republic “Comparison of Different Approaches to Prophylaxis Against Nerve Agents and Organophosphates”
  7. Balszuweit, Frank; Germany “Acute Effects Of Sulfur Mustard On An In Vitro Bronchial Model Incidents
  8. Baranova, Eugenia; Russia "The Characteristics Of Exosporium Antigens From Different Vaccine Strain Of Bacillus Anthracis"
  9. Biketov, Sergey; Russia "The Search And Identification Of New Immunodiagnistic Target Of Bacillus Anthracis Spore"
  10. Bokan, Slavko; Croatia “The Epidemic of Antibiotic Resistant Infections: An Impact on the List of Emerging Bioterrorism Bacterial Threat Agents”
  11. Brytan, Marek; Poland "The Concept For Medical Support Of Urban Agglomeration During Chemical Terrorist Attack"
  12. Call, Charles; US "An Analysis Of Layered Sensor Architectures For Bio-Agent Detection In Critical Infrastructure"
  13. Castulik, Pavel; Czech Republic "Mannequin For Testing Of Personal Protective Ensemble In Dynamic Conditions"
  14. Chen, Hsiao Ying; Singapore “ Diagnosis Of Oral Crude Ricin Poisoning In A Rodent Model”
  15. Chesser, Ronald; US “Status Of Nuclear Facility Dismantlement And Nonproliferation Efforts In Iraq, 2005-2010”
  16. Cochrane, Laura; Canada “International Biological Preparedness: The Development And Stockpiling Of Medical Countermeasures”
  17. Cox, Jessica; US “The Chemical Terrorism Risk Assessment: A Biennial Assessment Of Risk To The Nation”
  18. Dabisch, Paul; US “Experimental Bioaerosol Atmospheres For Use In The Development Of Inhalational Animal Models Of Infectious Diseases”.
  19. Davey, Brian; The U.N. "From Anticipation To Action: UN Experiences In Pandemic Response" (Tentative)
  20. Derschum, Henri; Germany "Towards Rapid On Site Investigations With A Deployable Field Lab"
  21. Dizaye, Kawa; Iraq "Alleviation Of Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity In Rats By Aqueous Extract Of Salvia Officinalis "
  22. Dishovsky, Christophor; Bulgaria "Investigatioin Of Efficacy Of New Reactivators Of Cholinesterase"
  23. Dishovsky, Christophor; Bulgaria "Medical Management of Chemical and Biologiccal Casualties"
  24. Doctor, Bhupendra; US “Neuroprotection Against Nerve Agent And Blast Exposure”
  25. Edkins, Vicky; UK "Mass Casualty Decontamination Of Vulnerable And Minority Groups"
  26. Egger, Emmanuel; Switzerland “Terrorist Attacks with Radioactive Sources – Medical Aspects”
  27. Feghali, Nayla; Canada “RSDL New Research: Industry – Government Cooperation”
  28. Gessler, Frank; Germany "A Rapid Test (Lateral Flow Assay) For The On-Site-Detection Of Bio-Warfare Agents"
  29. Ghosh, Kallol; India "Exploration of New Strategies for Detoxification of Toxic Compounds"
  30. Good, Kevin; US “Medical Mitigation Model: Assessing the Benefits of the Public Health Response to a Chemical Terrorism Attack”
  31. Gordon, Richard; US "CNS Pre And Post Exposure Treatments For OP Poisoning"
  32. Hadjamberdiev, Igor; Kazakhstan "Threats of Transborder Pollution in Central Asia"
  33. Hanson, Brendon; Singapore "Toward Enhancing Host Response To Pathogens: Studies Of Innate Immune Response To B. Pseudomallei"
  34. Hanson, Brendon; Singapore "Mitigating Pandemic Influenza Pre-Vaccine, Exploration Of Broad Immune Protection Strategies"
  35. Hargreaves, Michael; UK “Rapid Non-Destructive Identification Of Chemical Warfare Agents Explosives And Their Precursors By Vibrational Spectroscopy”
  36. Heegaard, Erik; Denmark “Likelihood Of Smallpox Recurrence”
  37. Heegard, Erik; Denmark “Smallpox – Medical Countermeasures”
  38. Invernizzi, Cedric; Switzerland "Dual Use Research of Concern: An Educational Program Focused on Swiss Scientists"
  39. Johnson, Mark; Germany “International Biological Preparedness: The Development And Stockpiling Of Medical Countermeasures”
  40. Kassa, Jiri; Czech Republic "The Potency Of Combinations Of Oximes To Increase The Reactivating And Therapeutic Efficacy Of Antidotal Treatment Of Soman-Poisoned Rats And Mice"
  41. Kaszeta, Dan; UK "Lessons Learned in Detecting and Identifying Radiation Sources in the Modern Urban Environment"
  42. Kümin, Daniel; Switzerland "Biosafety Training In Switzerland: Opportunities For The New High-Containment Laboratory At Spiez Laboratory"
  43. Lavigne, Jacques; Canada “The Defence and Security Research Institute – Canada”
  44. Lee, Lionel; Singapore "Toward Enhancing Host Response To Pathogens: Studies Of Innate Immune Response To B. Pseudomallei"
  45. Leitner, Peter; US "Antiagriculture & Other Terrorist Uses of Radioactive Dispersal Devices (RDDs)"
  46. Lyubimov, Alex; US "Evaluation Of Safety Of Three Smallpox Vaccines In Immune Competent And Immune Deficient Mouse Models"
  47. Mao, Jun-Wen; China "Development Of Information System For Medical Rescue And Expert Consulting On NBC Terrorist Attacks Prevention And Response And Its Application In Beijing Olympic Games Security"
  48. Matousek, Jiri; Czech Republic "The Czech Protective Masks For First Responders And The Civil Population"
  49. Mesa, Mike; US “Evolution of the Auto-Injector”
  50. Mogl, Stephan; Switzerland “Swiss Activities Regarding The Status Of Incapacitating Agents Under The Chemical Weapons Convention”
  51. Mousavi, Batool; Iran "Quality Of Life (QOL) Of Iranian Survivors Of Chemical Warfare (20 Years After Exposure) As Compared To Survivors Of Conventional Weapons Attacks"
  52. Musilek, Kamil; Czech Republic “AChE Reactivator – SAR Of Non-Oxime Part Of The Molecule”
  53. Musilek, Kamil; Czech Republic “HI-6, DMS, K027, K203 – Novel Candidates For Replacement Of Clinically Used Acetylcholinesterase Reactivators”
  54. Nwozo, Sarah; Nigeria “Sequential Chemical Speciation Technique For Determining Highly Toxic Cadmium Associated With Chromium And Lead Associated With Fe-Manganese Oxides”
  55. Ondicho, Joyce; Kenya “Antimicrobial Activity Of Some Plants Used In Kenya For Management Of Infectious Diseases"
  56. Orehovec, Zvonko; Croatia “Environmental Contamination By Antibiotics From Pharmaceuticals Plants Productions”
  57. Perkins, Dana; US "Consequence Management of Biological Incidents"
  58. Phillips, Carleton; US “Assembling Multinational Partnerships For Nuclear Nonproliferation—Lessons From Iraq”
  59. Pivovarov, Alexander; Ukraine "Decontamination Of Soluble Radio-Active Elements From Toxic Solutions Under Action Of Cold Contact Plasma"
  60. Pivovarov, Alexander; Ukraine "Ukraine - NATO: Counteraction to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nontraditional Terrorism"
  61. Price, Barbara; US "The Journal Of Medical, Chemical, Biological And Radiological Defense, JMEDCBR"
  62. Ray, Prabhati; US "Macrolide Antibiotics as Novel Vesicant Medical Countermeasures"
  63. Ray, Prabhati; US "A Neuron Specific Drug Delivery Vehicle for Botulism Medical Countermeasure Strategy"
  64. Ray, Radharaman; US "FAS-mediated Cell Death Mechanism: A Focus for Intervention of Mustard Gas Injury"
  65. Ray, Radharaman; US "An Irreversible Small Peptide Inhibitor of Botulinum Neurotoxin A: A Prototype Medical Countermeasure for Botulism"
  66. Rao, Venkat; US "Nanomaterials Risk Assessment: Biosecurity Implications Of The Emerging Regulatory Guidelines"
  67. Ryabchikova, Elena, Russia “Structural Features Of TiO2 Nanoparticles Interaction With A Cell”
  68. Schütz, Martin; Switzerland "Risk Communication Is A Key Element For The Successful Planning And Running Of High-Containment Laboratories: Experience From The Swiss BSL4 Laboratory Project"
  69. Sloan, Mark; US “Methods for Collecting, Detecting and Identifiying Biological Agents In Environmental And Animal Samples”Sloan, Mark; US “Methods for Collecting, Detecting and Identifiying Biological Agents In Environmental And Animal Samples”
  70. Stan, Constantin; Romania “IN VIVO Identical Reversibility of Rad-Bio-Chem Lesions on the Skin; Sulphates Mixtures Burn-Ulcers Reversibility”
  71. Stan, Constantin; Romania "Long Term Medical Treatment for Irradiation Disease"
  72. Stienstra, Stef; Netherlands “The Synergistic Effect Of Using, Simultaneously, Anti-LF And Anti-PA Antibodies In The Treatment Of An Anthrax Infection – After The Onset Of The Disease”
  73. Trudil, David; US “The Changing Scene of Bio-Detection”
  74. Wang Yong-An, Wang Heng-Lin; China "The Anticonvulsant Effect and Its Mechanism of Propofol on Pilocarpine Induced Status Epilepticus In Rat"
  75. Yang Zhikui, Mao Junwen; China "On-Site NBC Detection Procedure for Suspicious Samples in Beijing Olympic Games"
  76. Ziegler, Andreas; Austria “The New Austrian Concept for Medical Diagnostics and Therapy After Radiation Accidents
  77. Ziegler, Andreas; Austria “Medical Care Within The Hot Zone - An Innovative Concept In Vienna During The EURO 2008”

Countries attending, as represented by abstract titles: 26, and the United Nations and the OPCW

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