An Inside Look at 00-1

ASA 00-1, issue number 76, February 29, 2000

Feature Articles:

Other Articles:

  • Dangerous Viruses: A Center for the Diagnostics and Treatment of Exotic and Dangerous Infectious Diseases, E. Ryabchikova
    This is an article, translated and summarized for the ASA Newsletter by one of ASA Correspondents, describing the Virology Center of the Research Institute of Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of Defense near Sergiev Posad, not far from Moscow
  • Development and Production of a New Smallpox Vaccine
  • CBW Colloquium: Weaponeering is not Simple, B. Price
  • An Editor's Mea Culpa
  • Chemdet 2000
  • CBW Protection Symposium VII
  • First World Congress on CB Terrorism
  • CW Almanac: The Thicker, The Better, B. Garrett
  • On The Street
  • CWD 2000: The Hague
  • ASAI: South Africa , S. Rump and M. Kowalczyk
  • Chem Med Defence Conf. 2000
  • Second SISPAT Singapore
  • SBIR CBW Program
  • Industry Notes
  • Recent U.S. Contracts
  • Bioscope '00 (Anthrax, Squalene and Mycoplasmas)

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