An Inside Look at 01-1

ASA 01-1, Issue No. 82, February 28, 2001

Feature Articles:

Other Articles:

  • Problem of CW Agents in the Baltic
  • Russian Demil: Program Starts
  • Nomenclature Review
  • Recent CBW Citations
  • SISPAT II: A Summary and pitures
  • The UK Defence NBC Center
  • 7 CBW Stockholm
  • Enzymes in CB Defense
  • On The Street
  • Detection of BW Agents
  • Industry Notes
  • Recent U.S. Contracts
  • Bioscope '00
  • ASA NewsBreak Service

For the Professional in Government and Industry with an interest in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense, Disarmament and Verification; Emergency and Disaster Medical Planning; Industrial Health and Safety; and Environmental Protection