ASA 07-5, Issue No. 122, October 19, 2007

Avian Influenza Disease Presentations and Pathology in Humans:
An Overview

Joseph P. Dudley, PhD
Science Applications International Corporation
Rockville, Maryland 20852

The article by Ryabchikova and Getmanova in the August ASA Newsletter [ASA 07-4, August 2007] provides an excellent overview of the clinical pathology of avian influenza in birds and mammals and important insights into the complexity and variability of the physiological effects of H5N1 virus infections in birds and mammals. Because the disease pathology of H5N1 viruses in humans was not discussed in their paper, a brief review of human disease presentations and symptoms should be of interest to ASA readers.

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The CBMTS VII "Seventh International Plenary" begins 13 April 2008 at the home of the CBMTS series, the Swiss National Laboratory, the SPIEZ LABORATORY. We would like to provide our readers with a selected group of Abstracts which demonstrate the breath and depth of this 15th CBMTS meeting.

Innovative Radiological Countermeasure Strategies for Public Health, Emergency Response, and Medical Systems

Steven A. Adams (CDC, Strategic National Stockpile)
Robert C. Whitcomb, Jr. (CDC, Radiation Studies Branch)

Radiation emergencies pose unique challenges to public health and medical systems. One such challenge is the identification, selection, and administration of radiological countermeasures for treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome and/or decorporation of internalized radioactive material. Public health, emergency response, and medical systems are well practiced in administering countermeasures for biological and toxicological threats, but few in the US have similar proficiency or experience with the use of radiological countermeasures.

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Ed. Note: With pleasure we provide Dr. Medema's remarks on the 10th anniversary of the CWC. This Convention, the most comprehensive ever attempted, has been very successful with thanks to the leadership of Ambassador Pfirter and an outstanding staff that took on and very ably managed every challenge.

The Academia Forum on the occasion of the 10th birthday of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

Jan Medema

On 18 and 19 September about 200 participants gathered in The Hague to celebrate the tenth birthday of the CWC and to discuss how the baby has grown, what obstacles she would face in the coming ten years and what her future looked like.

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CBMTS VII Abstracts: Preparedness in France Cyanide; DU-ammunition: A threat?; Efficacy of K206,K269 with Current Oximes; Disposable
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