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The ASA Newsletter: 21 years old
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          With this issue, #123, the ASA Newsletter completes its 21st year of publication and we are proud to say we have never missed an issue. During these 21 years we have noted, some times with chargrin and a few times with alarm, the many changes across this whole arena of CBRN and terorism issues. Over these many years we have been priviledged to have been invited by you to visit and to try and understand where you are coming from, to learn of your capabilities and your requirements, to learn about you, your organization and your country. We feel fortunate in that you have made us feel as if we were one of you, your friendship has touched us as no words can describe. We have visited over 100 countries and all continents except the Antartic. With your permission we have been able to write about you and your organization and all have been most professional. And we and our country, the US, have learned so much from you. We are where we are because of you.

The CBMTS VII at the Swiss National SPIEZ LABORATORY
from 13-18 April 2008 will have some exceptionally timely and important presentations. Amongst them will be:

Emerging Infections in Asian Part of Russia

Prof. Dr. Sergey V. Netesov,
The Novosibirsk State University, Russia

          During the last twenty years there has been a growing understanding among experts that, from among the entire spectrum of infectious diseases, viral infections pose a major threat to human health. The main reasons for that are as follows: viruses are not susceptible to antibiotics, the spectrum of antivirals available is limited, and viruses are able to cause chronic progressing infections. In addition, there are difficulties in effective vaccine development against, for example, hepatitis C and HIV. There are also natural animal reservoirs of some viruses which have a tremendous potential for mutations and evolution. The greatest and most unpredictable threat is posed by so-called emerging and re-emerging infections.

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