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          ASA thanks Dr. Jacques Lavigne, Eric Stephen and Natasha Nystrom for their article, an update on Defence Research and Development Canada, and Gradon Carter for his update on the changes at Dstl Porton Down. With this ASA 08-1, we have published 63 descriptions of worldwide organizations, laboratories, institutes and schools in our Profiles series. Our readers are always interested in what has changed at the institutes since the missions change with the times, politics and threats.

          The descriptions and updates of defense industries in ASA's Industry Spotlight features are extremely useful for all our readers. With roughly one or two industry spotlights each issue, ASA has written almost 100 of these industry spotlights focusing on new products, product performance, changes in equipment and processes, and, of course, changes in staff and sales achievements. This month ASA thanks Saori Kanaiwa for the article on the 100 year anniversary of Teikoku Sen-1, Teisen, the Japanese firm that offers equipment for sale for disaster prevention and preparedness, including Anti-NBC Terrorism & Hazmat equipment for detection, protection, and decontamination.

          As ASA begins its 22nd year of continuous publication, we want to ensure that what we are doing is what you want doing. Please let us know what you think.

          The ASA family has so far indicated to us they would like the Profiles, as mentioned above, as well as Recent Contracts and other industry information and occasional papers and information on meetings of interest, but also not to overwhelm with too much data in this area. The family would like Bioscope and the lighthearted approach of On The Street and Dr. Garrett's always fascinating look at this side of CW history. This sample to date is small, but what do you think, what would you like? We are big enough to take a (gentle) hit and put us on the right track. Thanks gang - for the past 21 years you have been great.


The CBMTS VII at the Swiss National SPIEZ LABORATORY
from 13-18 April 2008 will have some exceptionally timely and important presentations. Amongst them will be:

Current Research in Radiation Biodosimetry

Drs. Terry C. Pellmar, William F. Blakely, Marcy B. Grace, John F. Kalinich, Natalia Ossetrova, Alexandra C. Miller, Pataje G.S. Prasanna
AFRRI, USUHS, Bethesda, Maryland

          In the event of a mass casualty involving exposure to ionizing radiation, medical personnel will require a means to assess an individual's exposure in order to provide appropriate care. Triage tools will be necessary to identify those with the most urgent need for medical attention. Clinical signs and symptoms including peripheral blood counts, time to nausea and vomiting, and cognitive effects provide an early indication of the severity of the exposure. A software program (Biodosimetry Assessment Tool, BAT) has been developed to integrate these findings and other relevant information to provide an initial assessment of exposure. Several other assays designed to provide a rapid assessment of radiation injury are in development.

          Prospective biomarkers include serum proteins, gene expression markers, and metabolites in the urine. Many show excellent potential but each has its limitations, such as dose range restrictions, time dependence, variability, and confounding influences of other environmental or health factors. Using a combination of biomarkers can provide greater accuracy than any one biomarker alone.

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