ASA 08-4, Issue No. 127, August 29, 2008

(This article is reprinted from ASA Newsletter 02-1, February 2002. Although additional information is known today that was not known then - do we yet have the right answers?)

The Anthrax Saga: A Different Scenario

by Reginald Bartholomew

    Although the US position seems to be that the prime suspect in the Anthrax saga is an American, could we consider a different scenario? Could this scenario be wrong - sure.

     Some givens in our position are based on assumptions. The US does not operate in a vacuum and what is available in the US is in all probability available around the world where there is technical expertise and the required funds to carry out whatever program is desired. ASA has previously stated that US organizations, such as American Type Culture and others in that business, have sold feed stock for innumerable pathogens to innumerable bad actors, such as Saddam, over the many years that it took them to understand that academic freedom in a dictatorship is problematic at best. Actually, Congress put the pressure on these organizations to get their act together.

      Another assumption is based on remarks made, i.e., the FBI should look for someone who would normally have reason to travel between New Jersey, Washington and Florida. Of course that immediately opened the door to 4,585,000 suspects. Movement in the US is not restricted.

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Ed. Note: This concluding portion of the CBMTS VII executive summary is provided as a draft to the final CBMTS report. Presentation formats for each Sector were at the discretion of each Sector Chair or Chair's representative.

CBMTS VII, The Seventh Plenary in the Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposium series
13 April - 18 April 2008, Spiez, Switzerland

Executive Summary: Part 2 Conclusion
Sectors 5 and 6

SECTOR 5: Detection/Decontamination/Special Interest

Chair: Walter Aue, SPIEZ LABORATORY, Switzerland
Co-Chair: Johnathan Kiel, AFRL/HEPC, Brooks City-Base, Texas, US
Presented by: Walter Aue

SECTOR 5 Sessions

Session 5: Special Interests
Chair: Timothy Henry
Oliver Schirk
Session 11: Detection and Decontamination
Chair: Joseph Dudley
Co-Chair: Timothy Wood

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The Journal of Medical CBR Defense, Vol. 7, to Kick Off in September 2008

     ASA is pleased to announce that the long-awaited new volume of the online Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense ( will begin publication again in September 2008. The Journal is once again sponsored by the Chemical & Biological Technologies Directorate, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) will manage the contract, which has been awarded as a base year contract with four option years. Dr. Laura Peitersen is again serving as Project Manager, working closely with Dr. Barbara Saunders-Price of ASA, Inc. to direct the publication of peer-reviewed articles of interest to the CBRN community. Web support is provided by Lisa Claybaugh/Evan Saunders.

     We are interested in stimulating articles from the community - YOU - on issues involving all aspects of medical CBRN defense, treatment and countermeasures.

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