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The Second International China BioPharmaceutical Symposium:

Executive Summary of Session Presentations

          All of the over 150 participants in this second International China BioPharmaceutical Symposium (ICBPS-2), are to be commended for their highest degree of professionalism as demonstrated by their presentations and their attention to details of their fellow presenters. Please see the Notes that follow the final session, Session VI.

Session 1:
ICBPS-2 Overview and General Vaccine Development

Chair: Dr. David Robinson, Vice President and Chief Biologist, Battelle Memorial Institute, US
Co-chair: Professor Shen Xinliang, Director National Vaccine and Serum Institute, China

          This session provided an overview of current regulatory initiatives with insights into how several countries are approaching compliance with current and predicted regulatory activities.

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Early Abstracts for Proposed Presentations:

CBMTS Industry VI and Fifth World Congress CBRN and Terrorism

5-10 April 2009, Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) as Asymmetric Weapons: The Design Basis Threat
MAJ Lars Skinner, USAR-Consequence Management Unit, APG, MD, USA

          Asymmetric warfare concepts relate well to the use of improvised chemical weapons against urban targets. Sources of information on toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and lists of high threat chemicals are available that point to likely choices for an attack. Accident investigations can be used as a template for attacks, and to judge the possible effectiveness of an attack using TICs. The results of a chlorine rail car accident in South Carolina, USA and the Russian military assault on a Moscow theater provide many illustrative points for similar incidents that might be carried out deliberately. Computer modeling of outdoor releases shows how an attack might take into consideration issues of stand-off distance and dilution. Finally, the preceding may be used to estimate with some accuracy the design basis threat posed by the use of TICs as weapons.

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     ASA wishes for you and your families the happiest, the most joyous of times for this coming year. We know many of you have experienced and overcome severe difficulties during Year 2008. And your strength and perseverance have been a model for all of us.
     We hope and pray and wish for you the very best. May you have Peace and Hope and Happiness throughout this New Year 2009.

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