ASA 09-1, Issue No. 130, February 20, 2009

Ed. Note: Dr. Barbara Price developed the following analysis based on general contract data made available to ASA throughout CY 2008. As always we would appreciate your comments and added information to share with our professional worldwide family.

Summary of Year 2008 CBR Contracts

Barbara Price Ph.D.
Publisher ASA Newsletter

          In each issue of the ASA Newsletter, ASA lists the various contracts in CBR (or NBC) that have been awarded in the US, and sometimes in other countries as well. This is an imperfect listing for several reasons. There is no one place where all contracts are listed and certainly no particular government contracting agency that awards them all. There is often a delay between contract announcement and actual award. There also are differences in the way the total amounts of the contract dollars are expressed. For a five year contract, sometimes the total of the entire five years is announced and sometimes only one year is announced. The awards are often augmented with a modification, which may or may not refer to the original contract award.

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Ed Note: Below are Abstracts submitted by just a few of our noted professionals. From Jan Medema who will forever stir the pot to make us think, to Steve Adams who helped present the first concrete example of what to do if and then have if happen (9/11), to Bob DeBell a brilliant microbiologist always at the forefront; to John Hart, SIPRI, the CBR world reporter, to Peter Jutro with an executive approach to funding and many more of our CBMTS family of professionals that will make CBMTS Industry VII.

Abstracts for Proposed Presentations:

CBMTS Industry VI and Fifth World Congress CBR and Terrorism

5-10 April 2009, Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Consequences of a changing CBRN threat

Jan Medema, PhD; Biological and Chemical Defense Consultant; Benthuizen, The Netherlands and e-mail:

          The OPCW now has 186 member States. Member States that possessed chemical weapons (CW) are destroying those weapons, albeit at a slow pace.

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The 13th Conference of States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention: Background and Results

by John Hart (SIPRI)

          The 13th Conference of the States Parties (CSP) to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) met on 2-5 December of last year and, for the first time, was unable to agree a final document due to a series of developments involving the delegation of Iran that unfolded the final day. The chairman of the CSP issued a report under the terms of the general powers of the presiding officer (rule 50 of the rules of procedure of the CSP) in which all paragraphs of the report were approved by all delegations present at the CSP with the exception of subitem 9(c), "Progress made in meeting the revised deadlines for the destruction of chemical weapons." Thus all other paragraphs have the force of CSP decisions. The difficulties experienced by delegations in achieving consensus on the final report were connected to:


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