ASA 09-6, Issue No. 135, December 31, 2009

Development of antidotes against nerve agents in the Czech Republic
(From the lay injection syringe to three-chambered autoinjector)

Prof. Dr. Jiri Bajgar

What follows are some comments from our way to achieve better medical protection against nerve agent poisoning from my more than 40 years experience at the Department of Toxicology.

I. Introduction

          Inhibitors of cholinesterases are very important chemicals in the group of organophosphates (OP). These compounds are used in industry, in veterinary or human medicine and, last but not least, these compounds are, unfortunately, usable (and used) for military purposes as chemical warfare agents (nerve agents), and as poisons used by terrorists as it was documented in Japan (1994,1995). Thus, the studies dealing with mechanism of OP/nerve agent action, prophylaxis and treatment of intoxications is a very hot topic at present.

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Dr. Slavko Bokan is one of our most experienced professionals working in the area of the BWC. He managed the Eastern Group of Nations for several BWC meetings in Geneva and he originally prepared this short informative presentation for the April 2009 CBMTS-Industry VI meeting in Cavtat, Croatia.

An Integrated Approach to Risk Assessment and Mitigating
the CBRN Threat

LTC, Dr. Slavko Bokan, M.D. (CMOD Ret)

          Threat mitigation for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) mass casualty events is of the highest international priority, and, a scientific approach to risk assessment of the potential use CBRN weapons in terrorist actions is required. We must also have an integrated approach for mitigating the CBRN threat to include crisis management and preparedness measures for the prevention and reduction of potential consequences.

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The US Demil Program

          The following information relates to On The Street item c, page 14 this issue, concerning the US Demil Program.
         According to Kentucky Newspaper "Lexington Herald - Leader", 28 December 2009, in an article by Greg Kocher concerning the US Demil programs in Kentucky and Colorado, the following data were derived:

  1. Earlier in 2009, an additional $500+ million was appropriated by the US Congress to help expedite CW destruction at Kentucky's Blue Grass Depot and Colorado's Pueblo Depot Activity. The CWC mandate was Year 2012.
  2. This should shorten Blue Grass pilot plant construction completion to Year 2016 and after equipment testing this plant should be operational by Year 2018.
  3. By Year 2021, all Blue Grass CW should be destroyed.
  4. In a positive note and according to the Blue Grass Demil site manager "the increase in funding signifies that there's going to be steady employment, so that's good for morale".
  • For ASA comment please refer to p. 14 this issue and the ASA Note on p. 12 ASA issue 08-4, August 29, 2008.

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