Yugoslav Chemical Warfare Capability. Mostar's History of Chemical Weapon Research, Development, Production: What, When, Where, How Much?

In October 1992, ASA was the very first to report on the Mostar CW Research, Development and Production facility. The former Yugoslavia had managed to develop its chemical weapons program in such a high degree of secrecy that not even the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which prided itself on having one of the best CW data bases in the world, had ever even mentioned in its annual reports that Yugoslavia was working on such a program.

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Ad Hoc Group Progress on Visits

by Graham S Pearson

Geneva. The thirteenth session of the Ad Hoc Group (AHG) to consider a legally binding instrument to strengthen the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) was held in Geneva from 4 to 22 January 1999. As in the previous sessions, negotiations focussed on the rolling text of the Protocol.

There was the largest ever participation of States Parties in the meeting, reflecting the increasing sense that the negotiations are nearing completion.

CBMTS III: Delayed until Friday, 05 May to Sunday, 14 May 2000

On 4 April 1999, Richard Price, CBMTS International Organizer and Coordinator, sent the following message to all CBMTS members via the CBMTS net.

Dear CBMTS III Members,

It is with regret that, because of the realities of the political situation in southeast Europe, we must announce a delay to the CBMTS III program originally set for 11-17 July 1999.

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Per special request from ASA: An ASA Book Review

Stephen Endicott and Edward Hagerman

Reviewed by: Professor John E. van C. Moon

Throughout the Korean War (1950-1953), the governments of North Korea and Communist China repeatedly claimed United States forces were using lethal biological weapons -- charged with agents of cholera, plague, smallpox, anthrax and other deadly diseases -- dropped from aircraft against defenseless civilians.

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