Select Articles from ASA Newsletter 1998


Review: CBMTS - Middle East I. Science and Medicine Building Bridges: Cairo, Egypt, 7 -11 December 1997
NBC Protection Project in Turkey


The Iraqi Dilemma
Anthrax Vaccine and the Prevention of Biological Warfare?
BTWC Ad Hoc Group Gains Political Momentum


Toxins: The Emerging Threat
Effects of Temperature on Cholinesterase Storage


Biological Warfare and Vaccines: Anthrax. Part 1. Pathogenicity and Virulence of Anthrax
THE CW ALMANAC: The Chinese Warlords' Chemical Arms Race. August 1998
Vaccines and Anthrax Vaccination Update


Toxicology of Perfluoroisobutene
Report: Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposium - Industry I


Iraq’s Use of WMD: CW Attacks Against Iran and the Kurds
Some Toxic Chemicals as Potential Chemical Warfare Agents - The Threat for the Future?

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