Select Articles from ASA Newsletter 1999


The Development Of A Network Of International Centers To Combat Infectious Diseases And Bioterrorism Threats
by Sergey V. Netesov and Lev S. Sandakhchiev
State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR

Sea Anemone Toxins
by Jiri Patocka and Anna Strunecka
Czech Republic


Yugoslav Chemical Warfare Capability. Mostar's History of Chemical Weapon Research, Development, Production: What, When, Where, How Much?
by ASA Editors

ASA BOOK REVIEW: The United States and Biological Warfare: Secrets From the Early Cold War and Korea
by John Ellis van Courtland Moon


Towards an Understanding of Yugoslav capabilities: CBW Research, Development, Production
by ASA Editors

WMD Terrorism and the Role of First Responders
by Douglas Sanderford


Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Challenge for Decision Makers
by Dr. Torsten Sohns
Deputy Commander of the German Armed Forces Medical Academy


Dart Poison Frogs and Their Toxins
by Jiri Patocka, Kr”uff Schwanhaeuser Wulff and MarÌaVictoria Marini Palomeque
Czech Republic

Defense Against Biological Terrorism
by Torsten Sohns

For the Professional in Government and Industry with an interest in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense, Disarmament and Verification; Emergency and Disaster Medical Planning; Industrial Health and Safety; and Environmental Protection