ASA’s Principal

ASA's Principal:

Barbara B. Saunders-Price, PhD, President

ASA Capabilities Statement

          Applied Science and Analysis, ASA Inc., now in its 25th year, is an international science consulting firm whose wide ranging specialties include assessing environmental capabilities worldwide, fostering communications between governments and industries, marketing, and planning.

          ASA was established in 1983 to specialize in chemical, biological and radiological, CBR (or NBC) warfare and terrorism defense and protection issues worldwide. It was and is ASA's intent to bring together defense professionals with scientists and medical professionals from government, industry and academia world-wide in order to explore the most complex issues across the CBR spectrum.

          ASA began publishing the ASA Newsletter in 1987 to discuss these issues and coordinate and foster communication between professionals in government, industry and academia with interests in CBR defense, disarmament and verification; chemical and biological terrorism and counterterrorism; emergency and disaster medical planning; industrial health and safety; and environmental protection. The Newsletter is now in its 21st year of continuous publication.

          From 1983 to the present, ASA's concentration of capabilities has continuously expanded, but remains dedicated to:

  • CBR/NBC warfare and terrorism defense
  • CBR/NBC counterterrorism
  • CBR/NBC defense equipment information and evaluations
  • communication and management related to CBR/NBC
  • public health risk assessment
  • chemical fate and behavior

          ASA publishes the ASA Newsletter, the international journal in the NBC Defense field read in over 121 countries. The ASA Newsletter specializes in CBR or NBC defense issues, equipment and science, including counterterrorism issues, and offers a fresh perspective and dispels misconceptions that can evolve without such discussions. Frank communications and coordinated defense preparations can help to discourage the use of these agents.

           Using its international contacts, ASA initiated, organized, and coordinated the new series of international meetings open to all professionals called the Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment Symposia (CBMTS). This series of meetings started in 1994 with the Government of Switzerland and Battelle Memorial Institute and primarily focuses on medical treatment for exposures to CBR agents, including viral, bacterial and other biological agents, pharmaceutical agents, agrichemicals, pesticides and industrial chemicals. Some 3,000 professionals in CBR from 100+ countries have participated. The CBMTS is also very deep into the various issues that arise with terrorism and CBR and held the "The First World Congress on CBR Terrorism" in April 2001 – 4.5 months prior to 9/11. We completed our Fifth World Congress on CBR Terrorism in April 2009 in Cavtat, Croatia. We had 6 Ambassadors in attendance. The 17th CBMTS, CBMTS VIII, organized and managed by ASA with the Swiss National Laboratory, SPIEZ LABORATORY, will be held 2—7 May 2010 in Spiez, Switzerland.

          A new branch of the CBMTS-type meeting, specializing in biopharmaceutical research, testing and products, was held in 2006 in Beijing. This first International China BioPharmaceutical Symposium, ICBPS, in December 2006 had over 150 professionals in science and medicine participating. ASA did organize and manage the international portion of this symposium and according to Mr. Charles Beattie, Canadian Embassy Beijing, "It was truly a world class symposium." ICBPS-2 was held in December 2008 in Beijing, China.

          ASA's expertise in management, defense, chemistry and toxicology consulting has been used by a variety of private firms in NBC products and technology. ASA's capabilities are used to advise governments and industry organizations on requirements, capabilities, and limitations within the fields of environmental management, chemical and biological protection, medical countermeasures and pharmaceutical developments and firms, operations, emergency planning, and crisis management. ASA's two principals have unusual experience and expertise in CBR (or NBC) science and defense management and communication around the world. With key connections in over 90 countries, ASA is a prime focal point for all CBR/NBC matters world-wide.