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Barbara B. Saunders-Price, PhD, ASA


          Dr. Barbara B. Saunders-Price achieved international recognition in nuclear, biological and chemical defense issues and environmental chemistry, toxicology, radiation and nuclear chemistry and public health risk assessments. She contributes to product and program credibility, especially in issues of toxicology, medical countermeasures, and communications in medical science and technology. She has worked in programs and with clients pursuing FDA regulations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She increases international recognition for companies through her reputation for integrity, credibility, science and access to international institutes. She gets results using her superior technical, communication and management skills, by improving staff and client interactions through marketing and negotiating with clients, including those in different cultures. She has concentrated on international aspects of medical NBC or CBR defense and cooperation since 1981 and enjoys interacting in a professional setting with many different cultures.

She founded the Journal of Medical Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense, JMedCBR, the only international peer reviewed journal in medical CBR defense, in 2001 and is the editor-in-chief and publisher. She organized the peer review system and international editorial board and remains one of the reviewers for many articles. Through her determination, she successfully indexed the JMedCBR in PubMed's (US National Library of Medicine) and Ebsco's online database systems this year. Dr. Price also co-founded the ASA Newsletter, a specialty newsletter for international NBC defense, now in its 23rd year of continuous publication, Both publications rely on her extensive international contacts and integrity, as well as her analytical abilities and scientific expertise.

Dr. Price has been the chair or co-chair of each the Chemical Biological Medical Treatments Symposia (CBMTS) series of meetings in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Egypt, Croatia and Singapore (18 meetings as of 2012). These meetings are organized and managed with the sponsorship of the host country and are designed to facilitate the communication of ideas and concepts in NBC/CBR science and medical treatment, doctrine and policy. She has been the co-chair of the International China BioPharmaceuticals Symposia in Beijing in 2006 and 2008. At each of these meetings, Dr. Price has taught a special section on giving scientific presentations, emphasizing those whose first language is not English and who are from non-Western cultures.

Dr. Price examines and analyzes many aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology and disease transmission and stays current with biological warfare and biological terrorism threats. She has over 25 years of experience in the reactions of chemicals and nuclear products in the environment; in research, development, and assessment projects; and in the detection of chemicals and protection of human health and the environment. She has written risk assessments and contamination assessments dealing with metals and radioactive metals (Pu, Np, U) and organic chemicals from PCBs to dioxins, TCE, PAHs, pesticides, and polymer starting materials. She has been responsible for training and coordinating uniform technical approaches to many projects and programs.

Dr. Price has developed approaches to environmental and defense programs examining the threats from toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) using a variety of open sources, especially environmental programs and chemical reporting programs in international and regional trade, and local industries and facilities. Many of the programs assessing possible threats from TICs use information and contacts developed from over 25 years of international travel. She has developed and explored a variety of environmental issues and practices in countries in Eastern Europe and Asia and worked with a large number of countries, industries and laboratories on toxicology issues and environmental practices.


          Book: Ebola and Marburg Viruses: A View of Infection from the Electron Microscope, Ryabchikova, E. I., and Saunders-Price, B. B., Battelle Press, January 2004.

          Many articles in the ASA Newsletter, published every two months since 1986.

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Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Harvard University
M.A. Chemistry, Harvard University
B.A. Chemistry, Hunter College of the CUNY

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