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  • Russia's VECTOR in Koltsovo, Siberia has a website describing its research, international collaborations and facilities.
  • Russia's Central Collection of Microorganisms of State Research Center for Applied Microbiology State Research Center of the Russian Federation State Research Center for Applied Microbiology Ministry of Health and Medical Industry in Obolensk specializes in bacterial research.
  • Canadian TV series on Biowarfare. Soviet BW history



  • All the Virology on the WWW: This up to date index site is maintained by David Sander at Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans. It provides links and catalog virology, microbiology and related pages world-wide. Additionally, on-line courses, tutorials, and a catalog of viral images is available. This comprehensive page lists Servers for General Virology, Specific Viruses, Microbiology, AIDS, Emerging Viruses, Electronic Journals, Scientific Societies, Government Sites and much much more. If you're looking for specific virus-related information, or if you're a virology/microbiology professional, this is the place to start.

Protection Equipment

  • The CDC , NIOSH , and the Department of Health and Human Services have descriptions of various respirators and their manufacturers on their website. See for example


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Arms Control

  • Arms Control Today is published 10 times a year by the Arms Control Association and is devoted to current issues in arms control.

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